Cullah - Cullah The Wild

Band / Artist: Cullah
Year: 2015
Genre: Blues Rock, Psych-Rock, Jam, Alternative rock, Jazz Rock, Hip-Hop

My Review:
Dammmmn.. I dig the hell out of this. It rolls with a great punchy rhythm, and when he pushes his voice, I swear I can hear some early Chris Cornell. Its pretty badass.

So this guy is a sleeper hit. Great quality, and I have NO idea how he never got a following. Its just too good to not see a lot of wonder in how the hell you don't hear something like this on the radio.

SO his name is Ian McCullough, and he's an artist out of Wisconsin (honestly, this guy and cheese seem like what Wisconsin has going for it.)

His website is here.

He's a talented youngin', and I hope I hear more about the guy, because its worth the listen.

Cullah - Cullah The Wild