Mike Doughty - The Furthermost of Mike Doughty

Band / Artist: Mike Doughty
Year: 2014
Genre: Alternative, Alternative Pop, Acoustic

My Review:
Okay, So I was a HUGE Soul Coughing fan when I was 17 and onward to my 20s. I have never had a point in my life where I was fortunate enough to see them, and I guess now after hearing how horrible it was for the members, I'm sort of melancholy that a band with that much talent had to be so toxic.

Either way, Mike Doughty survived, and now he's out in the world, making music and finding happiness, which is great for him, since everyone needs a little from time to time.

If you've never heard anything from these musicians before, then this is the perfect starter for you, and I think you should get it now.

Mike Doughty - The Furthermost of Mike Doughty