The Mad Tea Party – Halloween Eleven, Rock-N-Roll Ghoul, & Zombie Boogie

Band / Artist: The Mad Tea Party
Year: 2009, 2010, 2011
Genre: Rockabilly, Surf Rock, Garage Rock

My Review:
Surf rock / Rockabilly music out of North Carolina with a really uplifting yet greasy sound, that really gets that feeling of joy you get after you scare the shit out of someone, and get to laugh at  them. There's only a couple tracks apiece, but they are fun stuff for a Halloween celebration. They'd be a great band to have at a Halloween party. Since they have only a few tracks to each of their Halloween sets, I’m gonna post 3 to make sure you have enough to really jam to it.

Anyhow, here's their blog.

Not only is it great for Halloween, but its  driving music for all the freaks and goths out on a summer cruise with the windows down. Hell, do your yourself a creepy little ho-down with this stuff. Some fruit-infused moonshine and some black food dye would go great with it. 

Stay classy.

The Mad Tea Party – Halloween Eleven
The Mad Tea Party – Rock-N-Roll Ghoul
The Mad Tea Party – Zombie Boogie

Also, as a Halloween gift for all of you who enjoy this, or are having a party and need some music, here is a set of Halloween mixes by DJ Doctor Toast. They are mostly oldies and rockabilly tunes.
Alright! That concludes the October Halloween music fest. Happy Fright Night!