ʕӨ͛ʘʡ ϣë¡ɍɗʏ ɱɄ$ÏƇ ʢθͺθʔ Noah Wall - Live At Guitar Center

Band / Artist: Noah Wall
Year: 2015
Genre: Field Recordings

My Review:
Its the most ridiculous jam sessions on earth. He did field recordings, at guitar center, so its everything you'd expect it to be. Bad guitar twiddling, some moments of really pretty sounds, lots of strange mixes of sound.

These are more just for fun and a way to kick off my monthly special; Weirdy Music. Basically, one out of every months posts will be something thats out of the ordinary for what would get posted here. Its going to be speedcore, sludge metal, drone, field recordings, just the odd bits of internet that I find in my everyday. I may get bored with the current title separator, but for now its what I have.

Alright, Thats whats what. Enjoy.

Noah Wall - Live At Guitar Center