Singles Posts - Kitty Cash, K.Flay, Son Lux, Aesop Rock & Blockhead, SKOGSRÅ

Kitty Cash - Love The Free

A good mixtape that falls between glitchy Alt Pop and R&B. There are a lot of electronic influences in this, and it takes a song or two before it really gets rolling in my opinion. Once it gets going, I enjoyed it, except for the between-song sample that would remind you that Kitty Cash made the mixetape. Advice for all the mixers out there, if you need to remind people who made the set, then you are definitely doing something wrong.

K.Flay - Seen it all (Jake Bugg cover)

This one is a bit different from the usual K.Flay hippityhop. Its a softer, sadder, slower song, which is obviously going much more for the alt-pop sound of The Knife, which is fitting, since its about someone seeing a guy get knifed by a gang at a house party. I like this, but it sucks for the dude getting knifed.

Son Lux - Easy (Arandel Remix)

Speaking of The Knife, this song sounds a whole lot like stuff you might hear from them if they stayed on the path that "Silent Shout" and "Deep Cuts" were headed. This would be a soft track you would hear somewhere in the middle, and it is the kind that you grow to appreciate even more than the bigger tracks around it.

Aesop Rock & Blockhead - Try not to die

Ah, good ol' Aesop Rock. This one is an older b-side that he and Blockhead made in the early 2000s. If you like "Float" and "Appleseed" then you are getting a track you'll like.

SKOGSRÅ - Now You See Me

What a great track to round out the post with. This one is sort of poppy, and really vibrant, funky, and just overall good for grooving. In fact, I'd say this track sounds a LOT like newer stuff you hear from Daft Punk, and who the hell doesn't love that? Whats best, is that it stays interesting and pleasing for nearly 7 minutes. I really enjoy it.

Alright. Dance like nobody is watching. Have fun.