Chance the Rapper - Acidrap

Band / Artist: Chance the Rapper
Year: 2013
Genre: Mixtape, Rap, Alternative Hip-Hop, RnB, Chillout

My Review:
You have heard about Kanye a thousand times this year, and then he has been blowing up on tour and all... But was any of his new stuff really good? I'll let you argue about that one on your own time, but I will say this. You sure as hell didn't hear enough about Chancellor.

You may wonder why I mentioned Kanye at the start of this. It wasn't to bait the search engines. I just wanted to say that I loved "808's & Heartbreak", and it was a steady play for me, but I think I just got a replacement.

 Chancellor (or Chance the Rapper) is this dude that has been low on the attention scale, and that makes me sad, because he really is good, and he's a total bro for giving this away for free. Here is his website. http://chanceraps.com/

Enough Crap, you can find out more about the guy on his site, and you should grab this album. Also some guys are selling his album too, but he sees no money from it, and he hasn't been able to do anything about it since his stuff has been released as mixtapes. Fuck those guys.

Chance the Rapper - Acidrap