Burning of I - Nowhere is a Destination

Band / Artist: Burning of I
Year: 2013
Genre: Prog Metal, Death Metal, Metal

My Review:
I don't know much about them, and i was trying to do some quick searches, but not getting very far. I do know that they are on murder gore records, which you can visit here (http://murdergorerecords.weebly.com/releases.html), but really, they are worth it and you should just enjoy some decent metal.

An album with track names like these makes me think of fear factory, or at least I feel it should have elements of their digital sound. They do not, but that by no means should discount them as a solid Prog-metal band. They have softer, acoustic-electric parts that you would hear in newer Tool albums. Their sound is that of a vibrant, lamb of god style when on the harder parts of songs. There is about a 90/10 split between softer parts and the harder,.. actually, I can't describe this any better. I like it quite a lot. Go download it.... 

Also, to the fat dude sitting next to me on the plane who cannot refrain from wiggling in his seat the whole flight, thanks for irritating me for an hour and a half, dick.

Burning of I - Nowhere is a Destination