Telepathic Teddy Bear - Telepathic Teddy Bear

Band/ Artist: Telepathic Teddy Bear
Year: 2010
Genre: Bedroom Pop, Electropop

My Review:
This is an album I have had pretty much since it was released, yet always seem to forget to post. The funny part about that is that I listen to the album probably once every other month or more.

If you like Team Sleep, The Postal Service, and the like, then you should look at this one. It has a more prominent presentation than most bedroom pop, with its clear, well broadcast vocals, it still keeps a lot of that softer, more private sound.

The music is all made by a single man, Juan Carlos Padilla, who lives in Mexico. His work as TTB is a pretty fresh and vibrant sound, though he's also working in another project called Reactions.

Here is the band facebook page.

Well as always, I hope that you love it.