Moby - Multi-pack

Band / Artist: Moby
Genre:Ambient Techno, Techno, Choral, Trance, Acoustic

My Review:

Moby introduces mobygratis.com from Moby on Vimeo.

So Moby is still a cool guy. I've always loved the Play & Play B-sides albums. I've had a really hearty cry to some of the tracks on Everything is Wrong. I've danced quietly to some of the tracks off of his multitudes of albums, and sat solemnly to others.

This is a little more of an artists resource than it is a huge collective. Moby releases these songs to be used for any art piece you are making as an independent artist. The goal is to help indie film people make video with a great soundtrack. Either way, you're looking at music from 2000 onward, all there for you to enjoy, so you should enjoy it.

Thanks Mr. Moby.

MobyGratis - Multi-pack of albums