Loom - Coffee For The Kids

Band / Artist: Loom
Year: 2009
Genre: IDM, Acid House, Illbient, Glitch

My Review:
This reminds me strongly of Mouse on Mars and Garren Epley, with the quirky beats, "jazzy" mood, and mangled, goofy bouncing rhythms. I've been holding onto it for as long as it has been out, and I still love getting the chance to play it on a roadtrip or while walking around town.

The guy, now playing music as Kinskop, was a part of a group called Various Vegetables Crew, which has a ton of interesting acts on it. His stuff now is evolved into something much different, which i'll likely share in the future. You can check the group out here.


I'll leave this one a little sparse, just sharing what this album was originally released with.

Loom's second album is a childish little bastard.
Just turn on your Fisher Price Cassette-Recorder and let your mind wander to the first time you played with fire. Or when you swiped your little brother's matchbox cars. It's all hidden between the stumbling beats and the squeaky little melodys. And remember: you don't have to like this music, you have to nurture it!
Don't let it cock a snook at you!
 Loom - Coffee For The Kids