The Astray - Letters

Band / Artist: The Astray
Year: 2012
Genre: Indie Rock, Synth Rock

My Review:
My friend listened through this one while I was passed out in the car on a roadtrip. She hated it.

I listened through it a couple times, and I couldn't see what it was that annoyed her so much. This was her review.
Astray...le review.

If you like that almost emo-ish, post-hardcore, synthy rock...the Astray totally delivers that. mind you, they have a really solid sound that reminds me of Dreamy Thursday or This Day and Age or even a Depeche Mode (they list them as an influence on their Facebook). First time through, this album made me super sleepy (I think it was the dark, windy backroads and synths)...but a second time through, I started to appreciate their sound more. it's surprising to me that they're such a small act, they have a really developed/produced sound.

 I dunno how comprehensible any of that is...I just jotted stuff down. use it however you like.
My review is a little more brief. There is a lot of 80s/90s "underground" rock influence in this album. They seem to have been influenced by Placebo, The Cure, and I cant think of what else off the top of my head, maybe New Order. The singer has a higher pitch,younger voice like you hear from a young version of Placebo, and overall, its a good synth rock album.

The Astray - Letters