Robotanists - Robotanists Does The King of Limbs (in 24 Hours)

Band / Artist: Robotanists
Year: 2011
Genre:Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Alternative Pop, Covers

My Review:
This one had me at a bit of a curious position as far as posting it.

On the one hand, it is a good, free album, filled with material that I enjoyed. On the other hand, its a beat for beat cover of the whole king of limbs album.

I decided after a while that I would post it, because they really did a good job tearing down and rebuilding the whole Radiohead album within 24 hours of its release, which is an impressive enough feat for me to be cool with showcasing them.

As far as the band themselves go. They have an indie rock sort of sound, and they like to keep to the low key rises.

Here is their blog.

Its a great album if you're just a Radiohead fan, or if you wanted to hear that album sung by a woman and performed by a more raw, analogue sound. I guess it'd be a good one to take if you wanted a legally "stolen" version of king of limbs as well. Give it a shot, and welcome to 2013.

Robotanists - Robotanists Does The King of Limbs (in 24 Hours)