Microhorror Compilation Vol. 1 Parts I, II, & III

Band / Artist: Dr. Von Pnok, Various Artists
Year: 2007
Genre: Chiptune,

My Review:
For a bit I was considering chopping this mix myself and making my own personal best of to slip in here, but I realize that my tastes on this one aren’t as important as yours.

So this time I’m sharing 3 albums in a set. All of it is chiptune music, made specifically for being creepy in honor of Halloween. Personally I felt some of it missed the mark, but with three of them, there is surely a full album worth that you could pull out of here for the next time you want to feel like you're playing splatterhouse in the dark by yourself as a kid all over again
Microhorror Compilation Vol. 1 Part I - The Crypt

Microhorror Compilation Vol. 1 Part II - The Lab

 Microhorror Compilation Vol. 1 Part III - The Graveyard



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