Darius Greene - Theory of Escapements

Band / Artist: Darius Greene
Year: 2007
Genre: Dark, Jazz, Experimental, Neovictorian, Operatic

My Review:
My friend says “It sounds like something with Primus and skits from Insane Clown Posse in the Nightmare before Christmas” I find this to be an apt start to describing it.

Darius Greene is an artist out of Chicago who works in a very vaudvillian style. If you're enjoying his release here, and would like  to find more of his works, his website could help you along, that links to soundcloud and many other places.

There are probably half the songs on here that directly pertain to Halloween, or goblins, ghouls, and what have you. His work has a very operatic quality, sometimes moving more toward a circus chorus, sometimes sliding more into the rock opera quality of sound. I was really enjoying the way that the lyrics played out amidst the sound as well. They poetically lay out their story, giving you something meaty to listen to, with a nice imagery.

Darius Greene - Theory of Escapements

Since it is a smaller release, I feel like this should have a little additional track. So here’s Bats & Brooms

..And Bones & Shells 

EDIT; Well. that was short-lived. He's paywalled all but the Bats & Brooms single. Sorry..