City Reign - Ahead Of Ideas

Band / Artist: City Reign
Year: 2012
Genre: Indie rock, Alternative rock, Post-punk

My Review:
This band from Manchester UK just emailed me. Their logo is perfect style for this blog, wouldn't you say? Anyhow, they released this new single in preparation for their new album (called "Another Step") being released.

Here's their website.

I'm really enjoying their work. If you're a fan of Placebo, Interpol, Julian Plenti, or Editors, then you'll enjoy this. They have a clear sound, and the higher pitched voice in the songs reminds me of acoustic sets by placebo I used to have, but much more fleshed out. The orchestral finish for the song is great.

City Reign - Ahead Of Ideas

But thats not all folks. 

Since it's just a single, I snooped around their bandcamp page, and found a 5-track EP that would help sate your appetite.

City Reign - Daybreak EP