Brutal Redneck - May 2012

Band/Artist: Brutal Redneck
Year: 2012
Genre: Mashup

My Review:
This one is a monthly mashup album to listen to by someone listed on the Bootie RIO. He (she? I have no idea) hails from ______ and makes a shorter album like this every month, as well as other theme albums. Its a good set of tracks, that are well mixed and make an unexpected presentation sometimes. Overall, Burtal Redneck isnt perfect yet, there are still some hiccups in making sure that the beats mesh together well, but this one was the best of them i heard so far.

My only qualm i have to say is that i'm getting tired of mashup artists using MIchael Jackson. If you really want to make something fresh, use his lesser known tracks, or maybe try some band that came and went with almost no notoriety, but a really solid sound. Oh well. This one was a good mashup set, and Brutal Redneck is so prolific that i couldn't help but subscribe to the blog to keep up with his progression.

 Brutal Redneck – May 2012