Barnum - Devices

Band/Artist: Barnum
Year: 2012
Genre: Metal, Nu Metal, Industrial
My Review:
Do you like METAL? Good. Then check out this band from Costa Rica that my friend Diego from college started up. Diego works as vocalist, and maybe guitarist (EDIT: He's just vocalist. His buddy Frank Mayorga
is the guitarist, and started the band). He's an awesome guy though, and I'm glad to hear he has something going on. here's their facebook page. I haven't seen any other pages from them yet.


Some nicely fleshed sound coming out of those speakers. I'd say its one part heavy metal, one part industrial, and served over some frosty Nu Metal in a cold mug. It isn't the longest EP I've ever heard, but the band is apparently fairly new, so I'd guess they are hoping to release a larger album in the near future. I know I'm looking forward to it.
Give 'er a listen.