-{:(.SINGLES.):}- All Electronic, All the time (Nnls, Aardonyx, Notch, Rameses B, Alex Tune)

Band / Artist: Nnls, Aardonyx, Notch, Rameses B, Alex Tune
Year: 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017
Genre: NRG, Hardcore Techno, Nu Breaks, Electro House, EDM, Electronica, Techno, Trance, House, Drum and Bass, Lo-fi

My Review:

Notch - Listen To The Rhythm / Descent
Some great old style uplifting trance/house stuff. I really enjoy the use of the rhythmic repetition of the vocal tracks and atmospherics. I posted them not long ago actually.

Nnls - Connection
This has a great lo-fi feel and a really well done atmospheric quality.
nnls about the release: „Roads are more comprehensive than any other human sign, nothing is shared more than them, sometimes they last for thousand years. So, while listening to the album you can try to work out road names from titles and draw my own non-existing non-spiral non-jetty.“

Here is the website built as advertising for the full album.

Aardonyx - Dedicated
Drum N Bass is always a welcome return to the table. This one is very similar to Hybrid, for the mix of the techno sound with orchestral suites and ethereal female vocals. Here is their bio.
aardonyx are a UK born production duo writing Drum and Bass in minimal, abstract and liquid styles, with a wide variety of musical influences.
After making music separately for many years they joined forces under the name Aardonyx in 2016.
This is just a taste of what's to come...
For DJ bookings or correspondence please contact theaardonyx@gmail.com  

Rameses B - Russ EP 
This is sort of that Pop-anthem EDM (Electro/House) you hear these days, and its got a good hook to it. Would be good music for a compilation video of someone doing crazy cliffhanging stunts or skiing barefoot on youtube.

Alex Tune - Takes Me Higher
Some gritty Hardcore or Progressive Breaks/NRG/Nu Breaks with that late ninties to 2010 sort of rap-rock singover style going on. I like it some, but I'll need to listen to it when I'm more in the mood.