The Satans - Social Justice Warrior

Band / Artist: The Satans
Year: 2014
Genre: Punk, Thrash Metal, Hardcore

My Review:
Ever want to just flail violently in a mosh pit, or smash some shit? Well here is some music for that.

The Satans are a band out of Highland Park IL, who started out in the best I can tell around 2012. Ah, okay so they started as a solo project and snowballed into a full band. These are the two albums they've got out there so far. Its some good, rough ass hardcore. Their facebook is here.

I like that they sound so gritty without having that really poor recording studio sound that comes along with a lot of hardcore, so, good on you guys for not using poor recording methods.

The Satans - Social Justice Warrior

And because I'm into it, Here is their other album the self titled one. I actually like this one more than the other, but screw it, I already wrote the post for the first album. ENJOY THEM BOTH. SEE YOU IN THE PIT.

The Satans - The Satans