Aphex Twin - All user18081971 Soundcloud Tracks

Band / Artist: Aphex Twin
Year: 2015
Genre: IDM, Braindance

My Review:
So I was enjoying the tracks from the User18081971 account and noticed that many tracks had disappeared. I was kind of bummed out and figured id find somewhere they'd be streaming. little did I expect to get this.

I got to see him play live for the first time in a decade at the Day For Night festival in December, and so I've been on a kick since then. (I'm going to Day For Night again for sure. It was absolutely amazing. Who wants to meet up there?)

Anyway, here are about 280 tracks from Aphex Twin, in an easy to listen to or download format, and they were all freely downloadable before off of SoundCloud,

Aphex Twin - All user18081971 Soundcloud Tracks