In Virgo - Self Titled

Band / Artist: In Virgo
Year: 2015
Genre: Alternative Metal, Industrial Rock, Electronic Rock

My Review:
Back in college I used to make music with one of the members of the band. We liked making noises in the sound booth, and worked together the first half of a cover of Death by Skinny Puppy. I wish we had finished that. It was a lot of fun.

So here is the band lineup, super minimal.
Vocals: Chris Hodges
Guitar and Synth: Chris Egert (Yo!)

So, the album has reeeealy good studio quality. Overall, it has a good presence. I do find while listening to it though,.  I can't shake this feeling of hearing parts of it in songs before on the radio. I mean, its a great debut album. I would love to hear how they grow into themselves. It just has this 2000-ish Industrial-rock radio setup. Evanescence-like in parts, Linkin Park-ish others. They piece a lot of differrent references into one album, but i cant put my finger on the names of a lot of the artists i keep hearing in it.

I'll keep an eye open for where they go, because its really solid for a start up. The fact that they are building up this much sound with 2 guys, I'd like to see how they do that live.

In Virgo - Self Titled