In Virgo - Self Titled

Band / Artist: In Virgo
Year: 2015
Genre: Alternative Metal, Industrial Rock, Electronic Rock

My Review:
Back in college I used to make music with one of the members of the band. We liked making noises in the sound booth, and worked together the first half of a cover of Death by Skinny Puppy. I wish we had finished that. It was a lot of fun.

So here is the band lineup, super minimal.
Vocals: Chris Hodges
Guitar and Synth: Chris Egert (Yo!)

So, the album has reeeealy good studio quality. Overall, it has a good presence. I do find while listening to it though,.  I can't shake this feeling of hearing parts of it in songs before on the radio. I mean, its a great debut album. I would love to hear how they grow into themselves. It just has this 2000-ish Industrial-rock radio setup. Evanescence-like in parts, Linkin Park-ish others. They piece a lot of differrent references into one album, but i cant put my finger on the names of a lot of the artists i keep hearing in it.

I'll keep an eye open for where they go, because its really solid for a start up. The fact that they are building up this much sound with 2 guys, I'd like to see how they do that live.

In Virgo - Self Titled



Band / Artist: Fly Boi Keno, Big Freedia, NOLA Bounce, Dj Emynd, Dejavu, Earth Wind & Fire, Dj Westbank Red, Majah Onna Trakk, Dj Tre, Monsta Wit Da Fade, Deediephat
Year: 2013-2015
Genre: Bounce, Bastard Pop, Rap

My Review:

I'm sharing a bunch of tracks, so I'll just let you see which of them you like or don't, and skip on the details.

Big Freedia - Pu$$y Pop (BlaqNmilD)

Fly Boi Keno - First Place Winner

Dj Emynd - Drop (NOLA Bounce Remix)

Dejavu - Reasons (New Orleans Bounce Remix)

Dj Westbank Red & Fly Boi Keno - Ready Remix

Majah Onna Trakk - Shorty MegaMix

Dj Tre - Back Wit Da Shakedown Pt. 2

Monsta Wit Da Fade - Exercise(Hut Hut RMX)

Deediephat - Rock-A-Bye Baby

Alright, Enjoy!


Arcade Island - Spring EP

Band / Artist: Arcade Island
Year: 2012
Genre: Alternative Rock, Chillwave, Lo-fi, Alternative Pop

My Review:
So this one.. I bet i could have heard songs from this one on the radio about 5 years ago, over and over and over, and i would have hated it, because it would be burned into my head.

Its a one man band, which makes it more impressive, though I guess its less impressive now that the music can be made digitally... I mean, whatever, its good.

This is what he says about this album.
A blending of Electronica and Rock, the album is a collection of works from the past few months. Lots of ambient synths and guitars, big drums with rock bass lines, and with catchy vocals and accessible lyrics ranging from alien abduction to unrequited love. 
Arcade Island started in 2006 in Pennsylvania out of curiosity by Alex Bew, a 21-year-old self-proclaimed nerd with "too much time on his hands". "I don't like making music in just one genre, and I don't like people telling me what to do, so I'll make whatever kind of music I want. Not even Abraham Lincoln can stop me. Although he could probably do a good job of it with his vampire skills and all."

Their Facebook is here.

If you like some of that 2008-2011ish electronic 80's influcenced emo pop.. whatever the hell you'd call it. You should check this out, I dig this one, and some more I've found from him as well. It's well polished.

Arcade Island - Spring EP

I also want to share the bonus album, Youth in Decay. Its obvious that he's gonna evolve a lot. I like this one more.

Arcade Island - Youth In Decay


ʕӨ͛ʘʡ ϣë¡ɍɗʏ ɱɄ$ÏƇ ʢθͺθʔ Noah Wall - Live At Guitar Center

Band / Artist: Noah Wall
Year: 2015
Genre: Field Recordings

My Review:
Its the most ridiculous jam sessions on earth. He did field recordings, at guitar center, so its everything you'd expect it to be. Bad guitar twiddling, some moments of really pretty sounds, lots of strange mixes of sound.

These are more just for fun and a way to kick off my monthly special; Weirdy Music. Basically, one out of every months posts will be something thats out of the ordinary for what would get posted here. Its going to be speedcore, sludge metal, drone, field recordings, just the odd bits of internet that I find in my everyday. I may get bored with the current title separator, but for now its what I have.

Alright, Thats whats what. Enjoy.

Noah Wall - Live At Guitar Center