Youniverse - Dirty American

Band / Artist: Youniverse
Year: 2010
Genre: Indie Rock, Alt Rock

My Review:
I have held off on this album mostly due to forgetfulness, but this is actually the album that started me down the path of sharing free music I had been finding. They are great. In 2010, I was out at a bar in Memphis TN with my girlfriend of the time, and heard that a band was about to play, and that their guitarist was turning 18 that day. I figured, hell, why not?

They had a good sound, which the bar did not showcase well. They told me afterward that they were using bandcamp to share their first album. I had never heard of bandcamp before, so I checked it out, and since then, it has become a mainstay of the indie music world.

Here is the facebook page they have going, but nobody has posted on it since 2012.

Hopefully they come back around one day.

Youniverse - Dirty American