Harvey Danger - Little By Little

Band / Artist: Harvey Danger
Year: 2007
Genre: Alternative

My Review:
I listened the hell out of Harvey Danger when I was about 16 and onward. Where have all the merry makers gone was an amazing album, that was as moving and thought provoking as it was driven. I love the way that this band has played out their lyrics. I strongly encourage you to listen to them if you never have.

Anyway, Harvey Danger released 2 albums and played on a fair number of soundtracks before they reached this album. by the end of their time recording it, they agreed to try something different with their last fruit of their labor, and then broke up as a band. This was the message that they sent out from their website.
We are offering the entirety of our third album, Little by Little..., as a free download (if you're curious why we're doing this, you can read our reasons here).

We have included a mini-website that contains album artwork, liner notes, etc. along with the music. The entire thing is zipped up into a single file for easier downloading. After you get the file, just unzip the file and you should find everything you need.

If you like what you hear and you want to support us, consider making a small contribution.
Mostly, nobody knew about this album, so i stumbled across it by chance, and have been playing it here and there ever since. Its a very worthwhile album to give a try, and I don't think I've ever met anyone who didn't at least enjoy it a little bit. Here's a sample song from it, and a personal favorite

Alright, happy downloading.

Harvey Danger - Little By Little (MP3)

Harvey Danger - Little By Little (OGG)