Sufjan Stevens - Enjoy your rabbit

Band / Artist: Sufjan Stevens
Year: 2001
Genre: Experimental, Orchestral, Glitch

My Review:

This is before the Sufjan (Soof-Yahn?) that people know a lot about. This was an orchestral sounding album, made of digital glitches and bleeps along with a myriad of other sounds.

I had heard his Michigan & Illinois albums, which I liked, but when I heard this, I was at awe. Was this really the same guy? Why make something so different? What was it about?

The whole concept is the chinese zodiac, and each animal has its own year, with a little play on the outer fringes to make it a little more his own.

I apologize about not really posting very regularly at the moment. I'm plotting out the way to make sure that i fix that for a long time coming, because I have a ton of gifts that I want to make for you. Thanks for sticking around, and please go right ahead and suggest other artists that you find and think would be a cool share.


Sufjan Stevens - Enjoy Your Rabbit