Deadfile - Applied Oneironautics

Band / Artist: Deadfile
Year: 2012
Genre: Post-Rock, Film Score, Instrumental

My Review:
Hey. Are you a dreamer?

I'm back with another Deadfile album. Another sadcore, softy album, filled with keys, violins,and many an analogue wondermaker. This one catches me more than the first one I posted here, with more clarified compositions and melodies.

If I could say one thing about their music, it'd be that I wish there were more lyrical parts. That is pretty much a minimal issue with this album, as it plays with a striking similarity to certain types of film score, as well as reminding me of some old piano compositions i've heard in the past. The sampling layers in really well for most tracks, and I feel like I'd keep this over the first one I posted.

Give it an hour of your time. It was worth it for me.

Deadfile - Applied Oneironautics