Giraffe - ...There is no devil

Band / Artist: Giraffe
Year: 2010
Genre: Indie Folk, Acoustic, Indie Pop, Folk Rock,

My Review:

The mix of instruments here leave you with expectations that get flipped on you. Acoustic guitar, organ synth, simple drums, and tambourine makes for the sort of softer sound that you expect of folky pop americana of the sort that you hear in almost every episode of sons of anarchy. That is not exactly what you're going to get.

Giraffe is mainly Berlin based composer James Gardner, who has been working with record label 12rec. for at least a few years and a few different releases.

I had saved this for a future post, and replayed it again recently. I'm really liking it. This album plays with a subdued, brooding darkness that you can get really comfortable in. Its the soft folksy album for people who don't really like folk, maybe more industrial rock, or goth rock. That isn't to say that a fan of folk wont enjoy it, in fact I think that it would add to a good folk collection nicely.

Giraffe - ...There Is No Devil