Duilio Pasquale - A Different Me

Band / Artist: Duilio Pasquale
Year: 2012
Genre: Dub Techno, Tech-House, Deep House, Minimal

My Review:
A mildly psychedelic Tech-house EP. This one is short, and I listened to it a lot. I'll just start out by saying what they said on the label release.

Duilio Pasquale of Oakland, California, dishes four tracks of deep, heady, laid-back, yet groovy for the afterhours, quirky minimal techno/house on "a different me". 
 The Unfound Sound / Found Sound labels are a great one for the occasional tech house release. They release an album roughly every few months, the ones for found being the record label end, and unfound sound being the alternate side which primarily deals in net releases.

Their site is here. http://www.foundsoundrecords.com/

I'll leave the rest to the short description.
Let your mind and body go, and let the frolicking sounds do the talkin'.

Duilio Pasquale - A Different Me