Deadfile - Deadfile

Band / Artist: Deadfile
Genre: Post-rock, Blues, Mashup, Neo-Classical, Dark Jazz

My Review:
I'm not a big fan of post rock. I was sort of a few times, but I've never been able to really embrace it. In my quests I have found many things bordering on the post rock genre that I do enjoy, and this is one that I would definitely consider as having a shot of being in that list.

This album is a rich mix of Neo-Classical, Dark Jazz, Post-Rock, and a strange mashup of Blues tracks into the first couple songs. It's slow, building mournful music with enough of the post-rock flavor to keep it interesting, but not enough that it turned me away.

So in summary, if you like post rock, and like violins and cellos, then you'll really enjoy giving this a chance.

Deadfile - Deadfile