Clemens Eduard Haipl - 330rawson

Band / Artist: Clemens Eduard Haipl
Year: 2005
Genre: Synthpop, New Age, Lo-fi, New Wave, EBM

My Review:
My first look at the cover yielded a "....What?". Its a strange album. Strange, but not bad.

If you liked Space Dimension Controller then you'll likely enjoy this. 

Some of it is heavily steeped in the synthpop genre, and some has newagey moments and some lo-fi video-gamey elements. Everything sounds just a hair to the left of what I’d expect to hear on various New Wave and EBM nights at a goth club crossed over with the music from Katamari Damacy, the most entertianing nonsense game out there. Some of it is in English, while the rest is mostly in german I think. The vocals have a lot of synth processing in some spots.
As far as the man himself, He lives in Vienna. He was one half of the band Cell
1110, and is apparently a very prolific guy in Austria. Hell if I can find much more info, I don't speak German. I'm pretty sure I did find him on Google+ though.


And back to the album. It isn't 100% there, but its a pretty good freshman album. I only hope that he keeps making music and really works on his mixing and secondary production skills.

Clemens Eduard Haipl - 330rawson