Online DJ Party tomorrow. The Anonymous DJ

January 16 from 10am est - 11pm EST.

He has always been a fun thing to catch on a random weekend for a few hours, the guy chilling in his apartment, DJing in his underwear/a cape/normal clothes/naked. He'll mix just about any dance music, will generally take requests, talks shit on the chat line while he spins, and will occasionally tell a crazy story on the mic.


Every once in a while he does an "endurance run", a nonstop extended spin session. This time around its because he got more than 1000 likes on his facebook page. Apparently, he wants to touch on the matter.
Do you guys even understand how much music I'll be mixing in less than 24 hours? No stops. No pre-recorded mixes. 13 goddamn motherfucking hours of this guy going from one song to the other. Deep. Tech. Electro. Trap. Moombah. Dubstep. Drum and Bass. Rock. Indie. Everything. I'm going to blow your fucking minds away.
So yeah. Thats gonna be happening at the time listed, and if you're already on the net, why not enjoy a REALLY long DJ mix happening live?

See you here at 10am to 11pm EST.