Ari Hest - The Fire Plays

Band / Artist: Ari Hest
Year: 2013
Genre: Acoustic, Soft Rock

My Review:
 "What is a pirate's (and touring solo act on a budget's) favorite rental car? YARRRRRRIS instagr.am/p/UWyibeTANh/"
I loled. That was from his twitter.  Which is right here..

This album makes me think of so much poppy softish rock from movies in the 90s. It has a pinch of the Wallflowers, a dash of U2, and a sprinkle of Iron & Wine, all on some scotch with a splash of lemon.

In 1999, he released an EP, and since then, he has been working on his singer/songwriter style music and touring a lot, making 14 albums. In 2008, he did a project where he created a new song every monday for a year. Thats definitely impressive.

I don't really get the "singer/songwriter" label thats being used a lot now, because it doesn't seem to signify anything to me. You can't just make songs without writing them, and if they have you singing, of course you're a singer. I'd probably call it more acoustic rock or at least a name that seems more sensible, so i decided to label it Soft Rock. ANYHOW.

Considering that my last post was a very lively motown-ish album, this one seems like a good wind-down to play right after it. Slide guitar. Soft vocals, coming in between a croon and a somber drinking song. Soft synths and some acoustic drumming. Its a good album for a drink or a bonfire.

Ari Hest - The Fire Plays