Free Single - Eddie Condon and his Orchestra - The Eel

Band / Artist: Eddie Condon and his Orchestra
Genre: Jazz, Big Band

My Review:
So yeah, How does old jazz just have SO much soul, while so much modern jazz is about as engaging as plugging headphones into a bucket of beige paint?

Maybe it's the New Orleans slowly seeping into my bloodstream, but you can always tell the older blues and jazz to the new stuff. Just listen to this song and tell me it doesn't tug you somewhere deep inside, like a friend or a lover trying enthusiastically to pull you out onto a dancefloor from your seat.

Anyhow. I just had this treat sitting here, and couldn't see any reason to wait and put it into a singles pack post (Those are being collected up so I can release bigger sets of them once a month, starting in January).

Hope you enjoy the track, something else thats fun and filled with brass instruments is coming for you later tonight.

 Eddie Condon and his Orchestra - The Eel