Canary Girls - Everything is changing

Band / Artist: Canary Girls
Year: 2012
Genre: Indie Pop, Synth Pop, Electro, New Wave, Chillwave

My Review:

IT'S SO 80's/90's POP. this one is great, because it does have that old sound but still manages to feel pretty fresh. They are a band from Buffalo, who are possibly named after the women's shellmaking fleet in the UK during WWI. I love the name, especially after finding the history behind it. Their website looks smooth, but doesn't seem to work very well. It made it kind of hard to figure out more info about the band. Nonetheless, here it is.


I'd say that they took from all of the old New Wave/Pop sounds of radio hits back in the day, and found their own way to streamline all of those influences and inspirations into this really nicely packaged sound, that still manages to have this unique indie pop flavor. Tracks come together really nicely as an album.

Canary Girls - Everything is changing