Big Wave Records - Mysterious Dub Works

Band / Artist: Negritage, Alchesound, Mighty Patch, Alpha D, Zoroastafari, Zazzle, Arkeyetexture, Dub Bred
Year: 2016
Genre: Dub Reggae, Dub House, Chillout, Dubtronics

My Review:
Some good old dub reggae chillout tunes. With much flavor, and artists from all around the world, bringing in their own styles and cultures to the songs, which keeps it feeling fresh and worthwhile.

There isn't a lot of info here other than some base info about each artist, so I'll share that and just let you enjoy.

Connect & Support
✪ Negritage (Argentina) 

✪ Alchesound (South Africa) 

✪ Mighty Patch feat Alpha D (Brussels, Belgium) 

✪ Kandee Dub (Nantes, France) 

✪ Ultrabase (Belgian Babylon) 

✪ Julian Burger (Poland) 

✪ Zoroastafari (Canada/Poland) 

✪ Zazzle (Bulgaria)

✪ Arkeyetexture (United States) 

✪ Dub Bred (Scotland/United States) 

Alright, enjoy the tunes.

Big Wave Records - Mysterious Dub Works