Cloud Mouth - Songs From the sewer

Band / Artist: Cloud Mouth
Year: 2011
Genre: Experimental, Lo-fi

My Review:
This is his older stuff, but I like it more than any of the other albums I’ve heard. Its best described as an experimental indie rock band. There are drum machines, vocal harmonies between the singers recordings, accordions, clarinets,  saxophones, god I don’t even know. One thing about the music is that he really enjoy disjointed and strange rhythms, as well as some very odd melodies.

Cloud Mouth is the name of 2 bands.. one is Shawn Jackinsky a single guy working on his own with all of these instruments, and the other is a punk band that formed in 2007 and retired 4 years later (I'll give them a little review as well in the next post).

He's got a lot of other music that he made, but a little hunting will bring it to your fingertips if you would like to find it now.

Cloud Mouth - Songs From the sewer