The Quick Brown Fox - SPEEDKORE 4 KIDZ!

Year: 2009
Genre: Speedcore

My Review:
HooooooooBOY! Maybe like 2% of the people checking this post out won't absolutely hate it. There are a ton of days where I would be turning this right the fuck off, but every once in a blue moon, I get the itch, and for a whole day I will listen to nothing but Harsh Noise, Speedcore, Freejazz, Frenchcore, Sludge Metal, and pretty much anything else that is dissonant, grinding, and likely to piss off anyone within the audible vicinity.

I'm always sad that so many of these genres have no way to sustain themselves, because the makers of each little subset usually can't stand members of the others. If we could all just get along, we could create the most aggravating and horrifyingly noisey live event on the planet. It should have a great name too, like BigBadFest, or COREFEST! *XxCoReFeSt!xX*, Where you mosh in mud all day, chill with Harsh Drone for sundown, and then dance horribly under strobe lights all night  .. Actually, that sounds like it would be kind of awesome, and THE WORST PLACE TO DO DRUGS ON THE PLANET.

Sorry if this one seems dissapointing to some, but I felt like I needed to spice up the mix a little. I might start doing at least one of these kinds of oddball posts every other month. I just wanted to warn you that this post isn't for everyone, but for the few that love this kind of ... stuff...  But I'll make a dare. If more than 5 people can actually listen to this thing from beginning to end without stopping it, and comment in the post, I will post at least 1 humiliating photo of myself.


The Quick Brown Fox - SPEEDKORE 4 KIDZ!