Banned Books - Mission Creep

Band / Artist: Banned Books
Year: 2009, 2010
Genre: Experimental Rock, Indie Alternative, Avant-pop, Noise-Rock

My Review:
YEAAAAAAAAAAAH. Imagine you're an Indie-pop group, then get really pissed off and jaded with the shitshow of pop, and hanging out and listening to bands like Wolf Eyes, Merzbow, and Dog Fashion Disco, and The Blood Brothers for a little while. Start liking the idea of sounding that way, but don't quite be sure that you want to just make noise, after all, you do have nearly a whole album recorded. You go back to the drawing board with what you have, AND THIS COMES OUT OF THE SAUSAGE GRINDER.

That is what I'd imagine was going on with this album.

Aside from my BS description, lets talk about the band themselves.

They started out as a 3 man New Jersey band, lost a member, and moved to Philly. Now they call themselves a super-duo. They don't keep a lot of information out in the public about when they formed or when they moved.

Here is their exceptionally informative website.

Anyhow, these albums are both a little short, so I thought it'd be best to share both of them.

Banned Books - Mission Creep

This one is Man Maker, a more groove laden album. They switch tempo a lot in this one.

Banned Books - Man Maker