-{:(.SINGLES.):}- Gener, Very Proper Dragonflies, Cousin Silas, Cosmonauts Day, Naomi Wachira

Band / Artist: Gener, Very Proper Dragonflies, Cousin Silas,  Cosmonauts Day, Naomi Wachira
Year: 2004, 2015, 2017
Genre: Folk Reggae, New Wave, Post-Punk, Post-Rock, Drone, Ambient, Dream Pop, Pop Rock, Prog Metal

My Review:

Gener - Les dones (Al Pagoda Remix)
This is pure ear candy. It has a great retro sound with a beautiful melody over it. So pleasing. This Spanish netlabel seems to always have good stuff.

Very Proper Dragonflies - Swingin' Single
This one is really cute too, with that older feminine-ish new wave sound that once was, and I sort of miss. If the first track isn't really doing it for you, you need to give the second track a shot, its really really good. Like, next VDay mixtape good.

Naomi Wachira - Beautifully Human
Now for some folk reggae, in all of its calmer, and "everything is gonna be alright" glory. I am going to need to dig further into her music.

Cousin Silas - Quiet Afternoons
And now to a really long relaxing ambient post-rockish drone of soft pads and melodies unfurling at the speed that flowers bloom, to get you into a nice soft meditative state.

Cosmonauts Day - It Got Them
And finishing the whole thing out, and bringing you back up for the day ahead, here is a nice prog-metal, post-rock jam out with just enough creepy to make it really fun.


MemCave - Color Fire

Band / Artist: MemCave
Year: 2014
Genre: Electronic, IDM, Chillstep, Breakbeat

My Review:
During a period where I was halfway involved with the blog, I got a message from Kansas City based producer and DJ Keith Rich, otherwise known as MemCave, who I have posted here before. He gave me a copy of a soon-to-be-released album, Color Fire. I wanted to post it, but with everything going on, I didn't get to it for so long, that I couldn't justify trying to post the link to download while he was selling the album on bandcamp.

So fast-forwarding to now, I was going back and revisiting artists, and saw that he released the album under a Name-your-price setting, and since it has been a number of years, I feel okay in sharing it with people.

I listened to this album in the car for a really long time, and I am glad to share it with people. I was really down on myself for not sharing it before when I had the chance, so I hope you all enjoy it. There are these great repeating beat sets, with all this lush flourishing warm noise surrounding it and emotional melodies.

I strongly encourage you to give this a listen. And if you see this MemCave, I'm glad I got to share this one for you finally.

MemCave - Color Fire


Amyl and the Sniffers - Giddy-Up / Big Attraction

Band / Artist: Amyl and the Sniffers
Year: 2016, 2017
Genre: Garage, Pubrock, Punk

My Review:
If you like X-Ray Spex, and other femme fronted punk, then you'll love the hell out of this. These guys are in Melbourne, Australia, and they play hard, and very fun punk rock.

Amyl and the Sniffers - Big Attraction

Amyl and the Sniffers - Giddy-Up