Atilla Krang - Gymkhana

Band / Artist: Atilla Krang
Year: 2016
Genre: Noise-Rock, No-Wave, Indie Rock

My Review:
The first track doesn't do this as much justice as the second and onward. Its really thrashy, but it has a great hook and rhythm, and I almost said screw it with the first track, but I've made sure to listen to at least 2 songs at random of an album before I shift to something else.

But yeah, this has a great sound for being their first album. I'd compare it just a little bit to Banned Books, who I posted before. Its definitely worth a look. I am giving this one another listen right now actually.

Atilla Krang - Gymkhana


Pimpstrut Local #13 - Music For Film (Not Porn)

Band / Artist: Pimpstrut Local #13
Year: 2015
Genre: Funk, Soul-RnB, Alternative Pop,

My Review:
This is SO GOOD. Its like a Beck sound, and Parliament Funkadelic are crossed over each other. I love the hell out of it.

They have 3 releases, 2 of which are more EPs, and this one, which is more an LP. For real, I want to hear more from this band. I really like them a ton.

Go listen to this, I promise it's good.

Pimpstrut Local #13 - Music For Film (Not Porn)


The Impossebulls - The Devils You Know

Band / Artist: The Impossibulls
Year: 2016
Genre: Hip-Hop, Soul-RnB

My Review: 
Here is the direct post info that came with this release. They have a great groove that seems to be falling to the wayside in rap and hip-hop these days. I hear plenty of Geto Boys and People Under the Stairs. I'm really liking it.

Today The Impossebulls return with their first album of all new material since 2014’s impressive “Everything Has Changed; Nothing Is Different”! The new album, “The Devils You Know” is another dope selection of joints that simultaneously take you back to that classic boom bap sound, while also remaining fresh and new.As with the previous album, The Bulls enlist a little help from good friends and legends… the most notable of which is one of the founding members of the great Stetsasonic and one of the most distinctive voices in hip-hop… Daddy-O! Of course that’s not all… the great Kyle Jason lends his voice to the album… as does the talented Anime Oscen. Last, but surely not least… our own The Honorable Sleaze drops a verse!This dope new album isn’t all, though… in the coming five months, The Bulls are dropping the 5x5 series of EPs. One each month featuring more new music! Also, very soon, fans will be able to purchase “Devil’s Work”… a limited edition box set containing the album and all five EPs, so fans don’t have to wait to get all that fresh music into their ears! We’ll let you know when that becomes available. For now… we hope you enjoy the new album.A very sincere thank you to The Impossebulls and all collaborators for delivering yet another underground / independent / netlabel hip-hop classic. Sleepers will sleep… those who are woke will hear it. blocSonic’s going to continue to wake ’em. Word.Of course, thanks once again to you for downloading & listening. We always strive to deliver the music you’ll love. Please spread the word about blocSonic, if you enjoy what we do. Remember… everything we release is cool to share! Always keep the music moving… share it… blog it… podcast it! If you’re in radio… support independent music and broadcast it!

I think they summed it up just fine. Good shit. Listen to it.


The Satans - Social Justice Warrior

Band / Artist: The Satans
Year: 2014
Genre: Punk, Thrash Metal, Hardcore

My Review:
Ever want to just flail violently in a mosh pit, or smash some shit? Well here is some music for that.

The Satans are a band out of Highland Park IL, who started out in the best I can tell around 2012. Ah, okay so they started as a solo project and snowballed into a full band. These are the two albums they've got out there so far. Its some good, rough ass hardcore. Their facebook is here.

I like that they sound so gritty without having that really poor recording studio sound that comes along with a lot of hardcore, so, good on you guys for not using poor recording methods.

The Satans - Social Justice Warrior

And because I'm into it, Here is their other album the self titled one. I actually like this one more than the other, but screw it, I already wrote the post for the first album. ENJOY THEM BOTH. SEE YOU IN THE PIT.

The Satans - The Satans