Brain Pyramid - Magic Carpet Ride

Band / Artist: Brain Pyramid
Year: 2013
Genre: Psych-Rock, Stoner Rock, Jam

My Review:
Loud and raucus, Looping and dragging, Its a lot of different things, all of which I'd fairly describe as Stoner Rock the the fullest degree.

They bring out some really good twangy guitar in "Mary Jane Blues" which I was really enjoying the southerly sound of.  They are on the Acid Cosmonaut Records label, and as you'd imagine, its filled with more jam band rock goodness if that's your thing.

Alright, I've got to cut this one there, lots to do. FILE YOUR TAXES.

Brain Pyramid - Magic Carpet Ride


-{:(.SINGLES.):}- Low Leaf, Pig vs. Primitive Race, Out of System Transfer, Branko x JSTJR x Twerk Queen Louise

(Low leaf) Diwata Mantraz - Purification
http://www.creatordiy.com/blog/ is her blog, just so I don't leave anything out.

20 minutes of meditative soundscapes by Low Leaf. It's very interesting and pleasant. I don't know what to say for it, other than it reminds me of her other work, but more as a broken apart, experimental jam session of them. Its a little more Cocteau Twins, and a little less Little Dragon.

Pig vs. Primitive Race - Long In The Tooth (Joe Haze Mix)

I needed some industrial, and so it came to me. If you ever listened to KMFDM, then you'll have already heard some work by PIG, so give it a shot, Here's their promo.
Band features current and ex members of KMFDMProngMinistryPop Will Eat Itself,The MissionPeter MurphyCombichristRevolting Cocks and more! As a special thank you to our fans for your loyalty, support, and patience we are also giving away a FREE remix of Long In The Tooth (Joe Haze Mix). You can't get this track anywhere else. 

Out of System Transfer - Slant Rhymes and Eye Rhymes

This was the email sent to me to talk about the track, which is a really great punky acoustic track with great horn lines along the background of the whole song. I'm digging it.
 Out of System Transfer release single “Slant Rhymes and Eye Rhymes”, playing  Palisades tonight with Brook Pridemore and Pat the Bunny

New York NY— "Slant Rhymes and Eye Rhymes", the latest single from Brooklyn based folk punk act Out of System Transfer, proves that oft-repeated saw that traveling the road changes you.
The band, mostly native New Yorkers, have spent a substantial amount of time over the past several months on the road supporting their debut EP “Same Rat Different Hat”,  tightening their live show, and building a dedicated following throughout the Northeast.
On one such trip the band spent a day at Hiwatts Studio in Providence, RI and recorded 3 new tracks, which they will be releasing over the next few months as free downloads.
"Slant Rhymes," the first release, is a marked departure for the band, explains front man Jesse Sternberg: “I love geography in songs. We have a whole bunch of songs about New York City, and this was my shot at getting some of the rest of the country in the mix. It's an unusually personal and unusually optimistic and non-angry song, for me.”
The song—with lyrics like “Let’s start a song, on this side of the Verrazano, get the tune down by the other side,” tells a particularly personal but relatable story for the band--but more broadly is about the joy of art and music. “Traveling can inspire songwriting, songwriting can lead to touring, and so on in a creative virtuous cycle. Mostly it's about how lucky and excited I feel to have the chance to travel and play music with such a great group of musicians and friends,” explains Sternberg.
You can see them tonight at Palisades in Brooklyn with Pat the Bunny, Brook Pridemore, and Prewar Yardsale, following which they’ll be living out this song as they hit the road again over the weekend.
If you liked that one, then enjoy a much more live sounding EP from them, Good for 2 Hours

Real Booty Music
Branko x JSTJR x Twerk Queen Louise - Cascavel

This one is really fun. They used a dancer (Twerk Queen Louise), hooked sensors to her hips, thighs, and butt, and let her bounce out all of the beats and rhythms into a sampler. Afterward, they worked all of them together into a dance track. Novel usage, and dat booty makes some music.

Straight outta Lisbon, Joao Barbosa AKA Branko is currently operating at the forefront of the tropical bass movement with his world-conquering band, Buraka Som Sistema. An innovative producer and DJ whose proclivity for digging deep into the world’s musical blind spots and finding inspiration where others don’t, the Portuguese beatmaker has been instrumental in giving voice to marginalized genres that might not otherwise have found the audience they deserve.

Branko’s solo outings have, of course, been equally tight with collaborations ranging from Zebra Kats to ELOQ, making him a formidable dance music force to be reckoned with.

Check him out on Facebook
I'll let you read the rest of their profiles from the web link. Enjoy!


Kinskop - Home Folder

Band / Artist: Kinskop
Year: 2010
Genre:Downtempo, IDM, Ambient Techno, Electroacoustic

My Review:
THE ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS LOOM. They are coming from The Various Vegetables Label,  which is pretty freaking spiffy. I love me some good electronic stuff.

This is the most mellow album I'd imagine from Loom. Or Kinskop as they are now known. Its pleasantly made. If you've enjoyed Bitbasic (Meek, or Leonard), Loom, MemCave, or Yarn, you'll likely enjoy this one a lot.

Kinskop - Home Folder


Ali Farnat - Som de Ponent

Band / Artist: Ali Farnat
Year: 2014
Genre: Balkan, Reggae, Rock, Ska

My Review:
Its all horns and upbeat energy. Great for driving and working. They are from somewhere in spain, and I don't speak spanish, so i'm lost. Heres a translated bit from their site Here.
Farnes Ali sees the light in January 2008, musicians from other bands disappeared recently Skaparapid, Skirmish and Folk Fuzi Musikistarodecide unirse and create this new band through the experience of its members becomes a hand ska rhythms fused with traditional Valencian and Mediterranean touches of Balkan music.
The band name comes from the union of the word Ali, part of the expression "Make ali" (1. Make ali: avenirse two or some people, for his genius, or ajudarse mutually understood and to make some purpose: 2. postverbal probably allied to as delirium, however, announcement, etc.) and the word Farnes (synonymous mixture, mixing). Ali Farnes is an expression of that new creation comes to say: Group to make mixture that perfectly defines the new band.
On 6 June 2008, released its first performance in the town of Quart de Poblet and during this lifetime have done numerous performances in the towns of Carr, Catarroja, Foios, Liria, Bétera, Archbishop Villar, Torrent Sot de Chera, Godella, Burjasot, Moncada, Valencia, Jericho Benaguacil, La Pobla de Vallbona, Montserrat, Peñíscola, Castellon, Chirivella Puçol, University Summer garden, the University of Valencia and have Folkhivern participated in the Festival of Swedish and a Festival in the town of Gloria do Ribatejo holidays in Portugal and Yecla (Murcia) and Mora Rubielos (Teruel).
At the end of 2009 presented his first album in CD format recorded a self Studies NCR Alboraya 8 subjects.
Work with songs like a tarantella ∙ the rock version of Valencian "Viva V Brigade" More Irish Christy, a tribute to the garden to eat the asphalt ground. Or a revised version of Romance San Rorro Llutxent ∙ co-operation with the Aragonese bagpipe button and bell tower of Jericho.
They are instrumental songs and songs sung in Catalan speaking of things everyday struggles, hopes ultimately to enjoy dancing and songs reflecting.
In October 2014 sees the light of their second album " We of the West "by the hand of the record MesdeMil .
Ali Farnes are:
Esteban: drums, Paul down, Joseph, guitar, banjo, bouzouki and vocals, the Raque: voice, Migue: trombone, Txoni: trumpet, Eladio: Gaita de boto Aragonese, flutes, accordion. flute and clarinet.

Its a very upbeat album which you should enjoy in this beginning of summer. Yay! Summer!

Ali Farnat - Som de Ponent