Jalikebba Kuyateh and the Toubabs - Jalikebba and the Toubabs

Band / Artist: Jalikebba Kuyateh and the Toubabs
Year: 2005
Genre: World, Spoken Word., African, Indian, Folk

My Review:
Swedish folk, Classical violin, Indian tabla, and African kora. All together. God. Damn. I like it a whole lot.

Here's a breakdown of the members
Two members of the group, Jalikebba and Haruna were born into griot families. Griots [ /grēˈō/ ] are a social caste who perform traditional music and poetry, jaliyaa, carrying on the oral tradition from antiquity.

Tommy is an Austrian performer and composer who specializes in the Indian tabla and other percussive instruments. Violinist Sandra and vocalist Kasja are both Swedes.

Jalikebba Kuyateh was born and raised in Gambia, and is a skilled kora player who has performed with many groups in Africa. He is in demand for festivals, weddings, and ceremonies. He also teaches music workshops both at the museum and abroad.

Currently, Jalikebba is the lead performer at the Tanji Village Museum in Tanji, Gambia.  The museum presents and preserves the traditional culture and the natural history of Gambia. These tunes were recorded live at the Tanji Village Museum, January 29, 2005.
So they make this neat melded sound, that seems like a much more melodic version of Bjork's weirder music, just infused with a ton of African influences. Listen to a track or two, and I'll bet it grows on you.

Jalikebba Kuyateh and the Toubabs - Jalikebba and the Toubabs



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Year: 1994-2013
Genre: Ska Revival, Indie Dance, Nu Disco, Industrial, Electro, Latin Dance, Acoustic, Goth Rock,  Mashup, Breakbeat, Hip-Hop, Easy Listening, Southern Rock, Alt Rock

My Review:
It's here, it's eclectic. I like it. Enjoy!

Password; Howdy

Ser.aph - LOVE (2015 Mixtape)


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Year: 1934-2013
Genre: Industrial Rock, Electronica, IDM, Jazz, Synthpop, Indie, Electro, Chillout, Alternative, Hip-hip

My Review:
LONG AWAITED, WITH MANY REQUESTS. I mean.. I think people like these? Whatever, if you dig them, leave a comment to let me know so I'm not just wasting my time. I made this one last year and the next I finished up this year.

Jam on!

Password; Howdy

Ser.aph - LUST (2014 Mixtape)


So, last year I had a bit of a hiccup in sharing mixtapes, mostly being that I didn't give a fuck about making anyone Valentines day mixtapes.

I'll take that back partly. I had one done, and another halfway done. SO, what do you do when you're far more interested in the crazy around you but you have a tradition to uphold? You put it off till next year!

Anyway, here they come in 2 posts.


And. - Dans

Band / Artist: And.
Year: 2013
Genre: Chiptune, Breakcore, Jungle

My Review:
This one is super catchy chiptuney breakcore. The tracks all seemed to have been started out as full chiptune compositions and then warped and layered with breaks and glitchy drum tracks.

And. is a musician out of the UK.he has a myspace here.

It's a good middle Ground between what Ralp and Psilodump have made that I've shared here, being very game-ish and jungle. If you like dancey gamey breakcore, then I can't see you disliking it. I've missed sharing a lot of weird lately.

And. - Dans


The Melker Project - Ballin' Oates

Band / Artist: The Melker Project
Year: 2013
Genre: Mashup, Bastard Pop, Rap, Alternative Hip-Hop

My Review:
I completely forgot this one! Man i love it. I jammed to this for weeks around last Christmas and forgot to make a review. Take Hall & Oates, and add hiphop & rap. Its so so good, and I helped make a small war between lovers with this album. Worth it.

Gonna let you do more searching on your own this time. See you next time around.

The Melker Project - Ballin' Oates