Noizhartt - Age Of Apocalypse (Various Artist)

Band / Artist: Noizhartt, Fryquenciezz, Aurokarya, Dizmental, A.T.O.A.M., Plasmorh, Mimic Vat, Hypnotoad, Critical Freak, HyperBurst, Metaform, Moksa & Nibiru
Year: 2015
Genre: Hi-tech, Dark Psychedelic, Psytrance

My Review:
Its very fast. Its very warbly, and reverby. It's just what you want on headphones while you run and run and run, like you've never run in your life. Maybe you take a giant amount of mind altering chemicals and dance amidst blinky lights with like-minded strangers. maybe you play fast paced video games and this is just what you need. Either way, Its like I said, fast and trippy, and kinda mean.

Anyway, So the composer of the album is one of the musicians in the album itself, which sometimes i feel weird about, because that seems kinda self serving, and normally i dont find the artist that curated the album makes songs that work as well. In this case, it seems like a well fitting track to fit within the album itself.

Here is the artists facebook.
And their website. Go see them.

Alriight, well you should enjoy!

Noizehartt -  Age Of Apocalypse



Band / Artist: P.O.S
Year: 2013
Genre: Punk-Rap, Electro, Rap Rock, Remixes, Alternative Hip-Hop

My Review:
SO GOOD. I love good punk rap, expecially great remixes of good punk rap. I'm really bouncing my head to this. So, Marijuana Death Sqauds made a remix from P.O.S's album, We Don't Even Live Here.

P.O.S describes the album by saying, "WDELH/MDS/RMX is We Don't Even Live Here, remixed and re-imagined by my dancy, noise band Marijuana Deathsquads.”

Here is a link to Marijuana Death Squads.

Here is a link to the We Don't Even Live Here album.

And here is a link to P.O.S

Anyway, If you enjoyed Run The Jewels / Meow The Jewels, then this one will be right up your alley. I'm gonna say something that'd start a firestorm over at pitchfork, but these guys and the kind of music they are putting out is what I think of as the prime styles of aggressive punk-rap. I'd rather one album from them, than ten by Death Grips. Not to talk smack, but the mixing of power and groove is a big part of it, for me at least.

Alright. I have little more to say, Just go take a listen and have fun.



Uncle Neptune - In a Perfect World

Band / Artist: Uncle Neptune
Year: 2003

My Review:
This is the bubbliest music I think I may have ever heard. This guy must be either really sad, or the happiest person you've ever met in your life. His name is Jamie Ward. He's talented, and interesting enough to take a good look at.

Here is his bandcamp and facebook pages,

Its listed as a genre called Tin Pan Alley. I have no idea what that means. It all sounds like pleasant little ditties with lots of acoustic guitar, that makes you kinda do that thing where you rock your feet on your heel to the beat of a song. It has a lot of finishing to it as well, for something that sounds so out of the norm.

...OH. Tin Pan Alley is some kind of old music genre from the late 1800s to early 1900s. It's really odd to hear at start, but is really good. lots of styles are being pulled together into this old-timey sound, that he seems to control very well. It also lends itself to his voice very well.

And thats not all. This album has a MASSIVE list of contributors. Seriously, here. Look at this.

Uncle Neptune - Vocals, Kazoo
Jeff Silver - Banjo, Ukelele, backup vocals, percussion
Jean Bean - Vocals, Backup vocals
Robbie Grunwald - Piano
Steve Mensher - Drums
Jonno Lightstone - Clarinet
Dave Lum - Tuba
Earl Lapierre - Steel drums
Brett Higgins - Bass
Rupert Price - Trombone
Josh Brown - Trombone
Mike Greco - Trumpet
Ari Dasgupta - Clarinet
Marc Silver - Piano
Moira Nelson - Harp, Vocals
Andy Frost - Lap steel

Anyway, if you have kids, this stuff would be great for them. If you dig it, you should backsearch, because there are 2 more albums from this guy on the same netlabel.

Uncle Neptune - In a Perfect World


Run The Jewels - Run the Jewels 2 / Meow The Jewels

Band / Artist: Run the Jewels
Year: 2015
Genre: Punk-Rap, Rap, Alternative Hip-Hop, Experimental, Cat Music

My Review:
These are fun, and not what I was expecting to bump into when I was like "fuck it, I have to get back to jumbly". So the music is coming from Killer Mike and El-P. I am really loving this shit, but it might not be available for a long time, but its hard to know.

Anyway, Run The Jewels 2 is available from here, listed as meow the jewels on the downloads part. I assume it was an easter egg, but if it wasn't I'd imagine that it will be gone swiftly.

Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels 2

And the most ridiculous remix album ever, which still rocks like crazy. MEOW THE JEWELS, the cat sampled/themed remix album, which I'm starting to think that I like MORE than the original. Its so much fun.

Just go download these now, and get out of here, go lay in a field or something. I'll try to get this to be regular again. I know, I suck. Maybe soon I'll be getting my groove back, and I can go hang with Stella.


In Virgo - Self Titled

Band / Artist: In Virgo
Year: 2015
Genre: Alternative Metal, Industrial Rock, Electronic Rock

My Review:
Back in college I used to make music with one of the members of the band. We liked making noises in the sound booth, and worked together the first half of a cover of Death by Skinny Puppy. I wish we had finished that. It was a lot of fun.

So here is the band lineup, super minimal.
Vocals: Chris Hodges
Guitar and Synth: Chris Egert (Yo!)

So, the album has reeeealy good studio quality. Overall, it has a good presence. I do find while listening to it though,.  I can't shake this feeling of hearing parts of it in songs before on the radio. I mean, its a great debut album. I would love to hear how they grow into themselves. It just has this 2000-ish Industrial-rock radio setup. Evanescence-like in parts, Linkin Park-ish others. They piece a lot of differrent references into one album, but i cant put my finger on the names of a lot of the artists i keep hearing in it.

I'll keep an eye open for where they go, because its really solid for a start up. The fact that they are building up this much sound with 2 guys, I'd like to see how they do that live.

In Virgo - Self Titled



Band / Artist: Fly Boi Keno, Big Freedia, NOLA Bounce, Dj Emynd, Dejavu, Earth Wind & Fire, Dj Westbank Red, Majah Onna Trakk, Dj Tre, Monsta Wit Da Fade, Deediephat
Year: 2013-2015
Genre: Bounce, Bastard Pop, Rap

My Review:

I'm sharing a bunch of tracks, so I'll just let you see which of them you like or don't, and skip on the details.

Big Freedia - Pu$$y Pop (BlaqNmilD)

Fly Boi Keno - First Place Winner

Dj Emynd - Drop (NOLA Bounce Remix)

Dejavu - Reasons (New Orleans Bounce Remix)

Dj Westbank Red & Fly Boi Keno - Ready Remix

Majah Onna Trakk - Shorty MegaMix

Dj Tre - Back Wit Da Shakedown Pt. 2

Monsta Wit Da Fade - Exercise(Hut Hut RMX)

Deediephat - Rock-A-Bye Baby

Alright, Enjoy!


Arcade Island - Spring EP

Band / Artist: Arcade Island
Year: 2012
Genre: Alternative Rock, Chillwave, Lo-fi, Alternative Pop

My Review:
So this one.. I bet i could have heard songs from this one on the radio about 5 years ago, over and over and over, and i would have hated it, because it would be burned into my head.

Its a one man band, which makes it more impressive, though I guess its less impressive now that the music can be made digitally... I mean, whatever, its good.

This is what he says about this album.
A blending of Electronica and Rock, the album is a collection of works from the past few months. Lots of ambient synths and guitars, big drums with rock bass lines, and with catchy vocals and accessible lyrics ranging from alien abduction to unrequited love. 
Arcade Island started in 2006 in Pennsylvania out of curiosity by Alex Bew, a 21-year-old self-proclaimed nerd with "too much time on his hands". "I don't like making music in just one genre, and I don't like people telling me what to do, so I'll make whatever kind of music I want. Not even Abraham Lincoln can stop me. Although he could probably do a good job of it with his vampire skills and all."

Their Facebook is here.

If you like some of that 2008-2011ish electronic 80's influcenced emo pop.. whatever the hell you'd call it. You should check this out, I dig this one, and some more I've found from him as well. It's well polished.

Arcade Island - Spring EP

I also want to share the bonus album, Youth in Decay. Its obvious that he's gonna evolve a lot. I like this one more.

Arcade Island - Youth In Decay


ʕӨ͛ʘʡ ϣë¡ɍɗʏ ɱɄ$ÏƇ ʢθͺθʔ Noah Wall - Live At Guitar Center

Band / Artist: Noah Wall
Year: 2015
Genre: Field Recordings

My Review:
Its the most ridiculous jam sessions on earth. He did field recordings, at guitar center, so its everything you'd expect it to be. Bad guitar twiddling, some moments of really pretty sounds, lots of strange mixes of sound.

These are more just for fun and a way to kick off my monthly special; Weirdy Music. Basically, one out of every months posts will be something thats out of the ordinary for what would get posted here. Its going to be speedcore, sludge metal, drone, field recordings, just the odd bits of internet that I find in my everyday. I may get bored with the current title separator, but for now its what I have.

Alright, Thats whats what. Enjoy.

Noah Wall - Live At Guitar Center


Cullah - Cullah The Wild

Band / Artist: Cullah
Year: 2015
Genre: Blues Rock, Psych-Rock, Jam, Alternative rock, Jazz Rock, Hip-Hop

My Review:
Dammmmn.. I dig the hell out of this. It rolls with a great punchy rhythm, and when he pushes his voice, I swear I can hear some early Chris Cornell. Its pretty badass.

So this guy is a sleeper hit. Great quality, and I have NO idea how he never got a following. Its just too good to not see a lot of wonder in how the hell you don't hear something like this on the radio.

SO his name is Ian McCullough, and he's an artist out of Wisconsin (honestly, this guy and cheese seem like what Wisconsin has going for it.)

His website is here.

He's a talented youngin', and I hope I hear more about the guy, because its worth the listen.

Cullah - Cullah The Wild


I'M NOT DEAD Kirastas - Iru Hanum

I will be reviving things as this week clears up, Sorry about the hiatus.

For the moment, enjoy this post. Some great prog rock.



Brain Pyramid - Magic Carpet Ride

Band / Artist: Brain Pyramid
Year: 2013
Genre: Psych-Rock, Stoner Rock, Jam

My Review:
Loud and raucus, Looping and dragging, Its a lot of different things, all of which I'd fairly describe as Stoner Rock the the fullest degree.

They bring out some really good twangy guitar in "Mary Jane Blues" which I was really enjoying the southerly sound of.  They are on the Acid Cosmonaut Records label, and as you'd imagine, its filled with more jam band rock goodness if that's your thing.

Alright, I've got to cut this one there, lots to do. FILE YOUR TAXES.

Brain Pyramid - Magic Carpet Ride


-{:(.SINGLES.):}- Low Leaf, Pig vs. Primitive Race, Out of System Transfer, Branko x JSTJR x Twerk Queen Louise

(Low leaf) Diwata Mantraz - Purification
http://www.creatordiy.com/blog/ is her blog, just so I don't leave anything out.

20 minutes of meditative soundscapes by Low Leaf. It's very interesting and pleasant. I don't know what to say for it, other than it reminds me of her other work, but more as a broken apart, experimental jam session of them. Its a little more Cocteau Twins, and a little less Little Dragon.

Pig vs. Primitive Race - Long In The Tooth (Joe Haze Mix)

I needed some industrial, and so it came to me. If you ever listened to KMFDM, then you'll have already heard some work by PIG, so give it a shot, Here's their promo.
Band features current and ex members of KMFDMProngMinistryPop Will Eat Itself,The MissionPeter MurphyCombichristRevolting Cocks and more! As a special thank you to our fans for your loyalty, support, and patience we are also giving away a FREE remix of Long In The Tooth (Joe Haze Mix). You can't get this track anywhere else. 

Out of System Transfer - Slant Rhymes and Eye Rhymes

This was the email sent to me to talk about the track, which is a really great punky acoustic track with great horn lines along the background of the whole song. I'm digging it.
 Out of System Transfer release single “Slant Rhymes and Eye Rhymes”, playing  Palisades tonight with Brook Pridemore and Pat the Bunny

New York NY— "Slant Rhymes and Eye Rhymes", the latest single from Brooklyn based folk punk act Out of System Transfer, proves that oft-repeated saw that traveling the road changes you.
The band, mostly native New Yorkers, have spent a substantial amount of time over the past several months on the road supporting their debut EP “Same Rat Different Hat”,  tightening their live show, and building a dedicated following throughout the Northeast.
On one such trip the band spent a day at Hiwatts Studio in Providence, RI and recorded 3 new tracks, which they will be releasing over the next few months as free downloads.
"Slant Rhymes," the first release, is a marked departure for the band, explains front man Jesse Sternberg: “I love geography in songs. We have a whole bunch of songs about New York City, and this was my shot at getting some of the rest of the country in the mix. It's an unusually personal and unusually optimistic and non-angry song, for me.”
The song—with lyrics like “Let’s start a song, on this side of the Verrazano, get the tune down by the other side,” tells a particularly personal but relatable story for the band--but more broadly is about the joy of art and music. “Traveling can inspire songwriting, songwriting can lead to touring, and so on in a creative virtuous cycle. Mostly it's about how lucky and excited I feel to have the chance to travel and play music with such a great group of musicians and friends,” explains Sternberg.
You can see them tonight at Palisades in Brooklyn with Pat the Bunny, Brook Pridemore, and Prewar Yardsale, following which they’ll be living out this song as they hit the road again over the weekend.
If you liked that one, then enjoy a much more live sounding EP from them, Good for 2 Hours

Real Booty Music
Branko x JSTJR x Twerk Queen Louise - Cascavel

This one is really fun. They used a dancer (Twerk Queen Louise), hooked sensors to her hips, thighs, and butt, and let her bounce out all of the beats and rhythms into a sampler. Afterward, they worked all of them together into a dance track. Novel usage, and dat booty makes some music.

Straight outta Lisbon, Joao Barbosa AKA Branko is currently operating at the forefront of the tropical bass movement with his world-conquering band, Buraka Som Sistema. An innovative producer and DJ whose proclivity for digging deep into the world’s musical blind spots and finding inspiration where others don’t, the Portuguese beatmaker has been instrumental in giving voice to marginalized genres that might not otherwise have found the audience they deserve.

Branko’s solo outings have, of course, been equally tight with collaborations ranging from Zebra Kats to ELOQ, making him a formidable dance music force to be reckoned with.

Check him out on Facebook
I'll let you read the rest of their profiles from the web link. Enjoy!


Kinskop - Home Folder

Band / Artist: Kinskop
Year: 2010
Genre:Downtempo, IDM, Ambient Techno, Electroacoustic

My Review:
THE ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS LOOM. They are coming from The Various Vegetables Label,  which is pretty freaking spiffy. I love me some good electronic stuff.

This is the most mellow album I'd imagine from Loom. Or Kinskop as they are now known. Its pleasantly made. If you've enjoyed Bitbasic (Meek, or Leonard), Loom, MemCave, or Yarn, you'll likely enjoy this one a lot.

Kinskop - Home Folder


Ali Farnat - Som de Ponent

Band / Artist: Ali Farnat
Year: 2014
Genre: Balkan, Reggae, Rock, Ska

My Review:
Its all horns and upbeat energy. Great for driving and working. They are from somewhere in spain, and I don't speak spanish, so i'm lost. Heres a translated bit from their site Here.
Farnes Ali sees the light in January 2008, musicians from other bands disappeared recently Skaparapid, Skirmish and Folk Fuzi Musikistarodecide unirse and create this new band through the experience of its members becomes a hand ska rhythms fused with traditional Valencian and Mediterranean touches of Balkan music.
The band name comes from the union of the word Ali, part of the expression "Make ali" (1. Make ali: avenirse two or some people, for his genius, or ajudarse mutually understood and to make some purpose: 2. postverbal probably allied to as delirium, however, announcement, etc.) and the word Farnes (synonymous mixture, mixing). Ali Farnes is an expression of that new creation comes to say: Group to make mixture that perfectly defines the new band.
On 6 June 2008, released its first performance in the town of Quart de Poblet and during this lifetime have done numerous performances in the towns of Carr, Catarroja, Foios, Liria, Bétera, Archbishop Villar, Torrent Sot de Chera, Godella, Burjasot, Moncada, Valencia, Jericho Benaguacil, La Pobla de Vallbona, Montserrat, Peñíscola, Castellon, Chirivella Puçol, University Summer garden, the University of Valencia and have Folkhivern participated in the Festival of Swedish and a Festival in the town of Gloria do Ribatejo holidays in Portugal and Yecla (Murcia) and Mora Rubielos (Teruel).
At the end of 2009 presented his first album in CD format recorded a self Studies NCR Alboraya 8 subjects.
Work with songs like a tarantella ∙ the rock version of Valencian "Viva V Brigade" More Irish Christy, a tribute to the garden to eat the asphalt ground. Or a revised version of Romance San Rorro Llutxent ∙ co-operation with the Aragonese bagpipe button and bell tower of Jericho.
They are instrumental songs and songs sung in Catalan speaking of things everyday struggles, hopes ultimately to enjoy dancing and songs reflecting.
In October 2014 sees the light of their second album " We of the West "by the hand of the record MesdeMil .
Ali Farnes are:
Esteban: drums, Paul down, Joseph, guitar, banjo, bouzouki and vocals, the Raque: voice, Migue: trombone, Txoni: trumpet, Eladio: Gaita de boto Aragonese, flutes, accordion. flute and clarinet.

Its a very upbeat album which you should enjoy in this beginning of summer. Yay! Summer!

Ali Farnat - Som de Ponent


Taiga - Re:Wireless

Band / Artist: Taiga
Year: 2010
Genre: Dub, Dubstep, Breaks, Downtempo

My Review:
Weird, Chill, and a great way to enjoy a few minutes of an evening. Actually, this is the music I'd imagine in a scene moment of japan at night in the rain. I'm happy to find some good stuff from Russia though, because I always wish I had more of that region to share.

Anyway, i'm pretty sure the netlabel that originally posted this one is dead, and I haven't found much about the band, other than it's name is referencing a Russian forest.

Here is a little blurb about the music.
The new album of Denis Taiga from Saint-Petersburg is a collection of electro-dubstep, sampladelica with a fresh ethnic melodies.

Taiga - Re:Wireless


-{:(.SINGLES.):}- Pete Lund, Banks, Wood Holly, kNIFE

Here's a nice lump of singles since it's been so long. I'm gonna have to get more of these out there.

Banks - Warm water (Deignated flip)
listen to that old 90s sampling! A pretty female voice, over a nice calm dancey track.

Pete Lund - Gypsy Cab
Indie, Rock, Alt Punk. It's 2 tracks, and its good punk.

Wood Holly - Sorry 4 the Wait Too
Trap, Bass, House. An odd, downtempo version of chopped & screwed remixes. 3 tracks.
Neat stuff. Its like Trip-hoppy Trap, Heh, Trip-Trap.

kNIFE - DieNasty
Rap. It's mean, with some nice beats running back behind it. I like those beats against that style of vocals.


Yeah Yon - Pasen y Vean

Band / Artist: Yeah Yon
Year: 2012
Genre: Hip-Hop, Pop, Rap

My Review:
I swear to god I wrote a whole review for this once already, but I'll be damned if I can figure out how that vanished. Anyway, this is a rap artist from Spain, who I enjoyed, though he isn't my normal style.
He's from the Mesdemil Netlabel, who I've been enjoying the hell out of recently.
I am not about to rewrite all of that I had on here, so I'll just share and hope you enjoy.

Yeah Yon - Pasen y Vean


Ana Bogner - Multiple Proportions

Band / Artist: Ana Bogner
Year: 2014
Genre: Experimental, Indie Alternative, Acoustic, Downtempo

My Review:
And then, all of a sudden, as if the storm came to an end, the room became silent. One heard a silent rattling reminding us of sundering thoughts, but still the room was silent. There was a roar of anepia around us, a shaft of light above the horizon starting to scream. Then we lay, floated, lay again on the constantly shapeshifting floor, being held by contemplation’s grip. Bridges formed, ruptures yawned, their mouthes, wide open at first, slowly closing (this is the work of our scars set in motion). There are monsters in that soul, waiting for you. The spiral repulsed, and the waves broke against the rock, untiredly seeping further towards the Nothing of this world. You’ll be found by waves which pass through everything, and if you dare to follow them, you’ll find entropy. But not an entropy of loudness, no. An entropy sketched and betokened, an entropy enmeshing and unwinding. And all of this in a feedback of reciprocity, freed from the hierarchy of a predetermined approach. It repeats and remains non-identical to itself. Since I built it in my mind i know: they haven‘t built the city we need. The room was filled with sound, but still the room was silent.
I want to bury myself in the first track on this EP for the whole day. I want it to just be the soundtrack of my life for a day. I want to go lay on a mattress in a lightly wooded field. I want to stare off blankly in the breeze of a dying winter, and I want this to play.

Its a strange softness, that seems like it rests between happy and sad, in a place of peacefulness. Really great album, and totally worth a listen if anything about this sounds appealing.

Ana Bogner - Multiple Proportions 

And then, all of a sudden, as if the storm came to an end, the room became silent. One heard a silent rattling reminding us of sundering thoughts, but still the room was silent. There was a roar of anepia around us, a shaft of light above the horizon starting to scream. Then we lay, floated, lay again on the constantly shapeshifting floor, being held by contemplation’s grip. Bridges formed, ruptures yawned, their mouthes, wide open at first, slowly closing (this is the work of our scars set in motion). There are monsters in that soul, waiting for you. The spiral repulsed, and the waves broke against the rock, untiredly seeping further towards the Nothing of this world. You’ll be found by waves which pass through everything, and if you dare to follow them, you’ll find entropy. But not an entropy of loudness, no. An entropy sketched and betokened, an entropy enmeshing and unwinding. And all of this in a feedback of reciprocity, freed from the hierarchy of a predetermined approach. It repeats and remains non-identical to itself. Since I built it in my mind i know: they haven‘t built the city we need. The room was filled with sound, but still the room was silent. light above the horizon starting to scream. Then we lay, floated, lay again on the constantly shapeshifting floor, being held by contemplation’s grip. Bridges formed, ruptures yawned, their mouthes, wide open at first, slowly closing (this is the work of our scars set in motion). There are monsters in that soul, waiting for you. The spiral repulsed, and the waves broke against the rock, untiredly seeping further towards the Nothing of this world. You’ll be found by waves which pass through everything, and if you dare to follow them, you’ll find entropy. But not an entropy of loudness, no. An entropy sketched and betokened, an entropy enmeshing and unwinding. And all of this in a feedback of reciprocity, freed from the hierarchy of a predetermined approach. It repeats and remains non-identical to itself. Since I built it in my mind i know: they haven‘t built the city we need. The room was filled with sound, but still the room was silent.


You Me & Us - Paperweights

Band / Artist: You Me & Us
Year: 2011
Genre: Pop-punk, Pop, Garage Rock, Noise Pop

My Review:
Sweet femme punk! There was a band I liked called Paper Weights, which I think might have gone defunct. While I was looking to see what they were up to, I came across this little gem.

They started up back in 2010 (congrats on the 5th birthday.) They are from Palm Springs.
Their Facebook is here. They describe themselves as Noise Pop, which I think is a pretty neat genre. Its a very soft, melodic form of punk, with female singers. Its very pleasant.

Hopefully you have a good time listening to it.

You Me & Us - Paperweights


Turbo Suit - Out Here

Band / Artist: Turbo Suit
Year: 2015
Genre: Electro House, Jazz, Breaks, Breakbeats, Hip-Hop

My Review:
Formerly known as Cosby Sweater, but changing their name due to the current news, and probably because there is a good chance that using the Cosby name was gonna get them sued. I'm sad to see the name go away, because it was so awesome.

Anyway, they put out their announcement here.

This one is fun, flashes of hip-hop, funk, and some really pleasing electro and dubstep. Its faster, and cleaner than their past efforts, with a great, clean mixing. I am jamming to this one a LOT, I'd love to see them come out to play live at a party from around Mardi Gras time.

Alright. Favorite track; Wake Up

Turbo Suit - Out Here


Jalikebba Kuyateh and the Toubabs - Jalikebba and the Toubabs

Band / Artist: Jalikebba Kuyateh and the Toubabs
Year: 2005
Genre: World, Spoken Word., African, Indian, Folk

My Review:
Swedish folk, Classical violin, Indian tabla, and African kora. All together. God. Damn. I like it a whole lot.

Here's a breakdown of the members
Two members of the group, Jalikebba and Haruna were born into griot families. Griots [ /grēˈō/ ] are a social caste who perform traditional music and poetry, jaliyaa, carrying on the oral tradition from antiquity.

Tommy is an Austrian performer and composer who specializes in the Indian tabla and other percussive instruments. Violinist Sandra and vocalist Kasja are both Swedes.

Jalikebba Kuyateh was born and raised in Gambia, and is a skilled kora player who has performed with many groups in Africa. He is in demand for festivals, weddings, and ceremonies. He also teaches music workshops both at the museum and abroad.

Currently, Jalikebba is the lead performer at the Tanji Village Museum in Tanji, Gambia.  The museum presents and preserves the traditional culture and the natural history of Gambia. These tunes were recorded live at the Tanji Village Museum, January 29, 2005.
So they make this neat melded sound, that seems like a much more melodic version of Bjork's weirder music, just infused with a ton of African influences. Listen to a track or two, and I'll bet it grows on you.

Jalikebba Kuyateh and the Toubabs - Jalikebba and the Toubabs



Band / Artist:
Sunny Side Up,
Low Leaf,
Eric Serra,
Hot Mouth,
Frank Guerrero,
Ivan & Alyosha,
Mr. Meeble,
DJ not-I,
Pet Shop Boys,
Nightmares on Wax,
Grant Cornish,
The Kleptones,
Texas Paul Sutherland,
Shai Martin,

Year: 1994-2013
Genre: Ska Revival, Indie Dance, Nu Disco, Industrial, Electro, Latin Dance, Acoustic, Goth Rock,  Mashup, Breakbeat, Hip-Hop, Easy Listening, Southern Rock, Alt Rock

My Review:
It's here, it's eclectic. I like it. Enjoy!

Password; Howdy

Ser.aph - LOVE (2015 Mixtape)


Band / Artist: 
DMX Krew,
Nine Inch Nails,
Andy Iona,
Die Warzau,
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult,
Crystal Waters,
Scooter and Lavelle,
Snake River Conspiracy,
Hiroyuki Namba,
White Flashes,
Cosby Sweater,
Paper Weights

Year: 1934-2013
Genre: Industrial Rock, Electronica, IDM, Jazz, Synthpop, Indie, Electro, Chillout, Alternative, Hip-hip

My Review:
LONG AWAITED, WITH MANY REQUESTS. I mean.. I think people like these? Whatever, if you dig them, leave a comment to let me know so I'm not just wasting my time. I made this one last year and the next I finished up this year.

Jam on!

Password; Howdy

Ser.aph - LUST (2014 Mixtape)


So, last year I had a bit of a hiccup in sharing mixtapes, mostly being that I didn't give a fuck about making anyone Valentines day mixtapes.

I'll take that back partly. I had one done, and another halfway done. SO, what do you do when you're far more interested in the crazy around you but you have a tradition to uphold? You put it off till next year!

Anyway, here they come in 2 posts.


And. - Dans

Band / Artist: And.
Year: 2013
Genre: Chiptune, Breakcore, Jungle

My Review:
This one is super catchy chiptuney breakcore. The tracks all seemed to have been started out as full chiptune compositions and then warped and layered with breaks and glitchy drum tracks.

And. is a musician out of the UK.he has a myspace here.

It's a good middle Ground between what Ralp and Psilodump have made that I've shared here, being very game-ish and jungle. If you like dancey gamey breakcore, then I can't see you disliking it. I've missed sharing a lot of weird lately.

And. - Dans


The Melker Project - Ballin' Oates

Band / Artist: The Melker Project
Year: 2013
Genre: Mashup, Bastard Pop, Rap, Alternative Hip-Hop

My Review:
I completely forgot this one! Man i love it. I jammed to this for weeks around last Christmas and forgot to make a review. Take Hall & Oates, and add hiphop & rap. Its so so good, and I helped make a small war between lovers with this album. Worth it.

Gonna let you do more searching on your own this time. See you next time around.

The Melker Project - Ballin' Oates


Sound Awakener - Five Chapters

Band / Artist: Sound Awakener
Year: 2014
Genre: Dark Ambient, Free Jazz, Modern Classical, Experimental, Field Recordings

My Review:
*EDIT - I'm a twat, and forgot to ask, Nhung is female. All gender references have been changed. Sorry!*

Today's artist of note is Sound Awakener. I got an email from her right before the new year. She lives in Vietnam, and makes ambient, experimental style field recordings with piano. She describes it this way.
Five improvisations recorded on upright acoustic piano. Each piece has a really extinctive character .Vibrate has layers of reverb and exteneded techniques on piano string. Gather Eternity has loud hiss noise and distorted sound. Gallery of emptyness is sort of a lo - fi recording. Remembering all passing things and Untold are a mix of piano chords and field recordings.
"Five Chapters" refers to the endless search in life.
Here's the interview that we had.

Jumbly Music: It's nice to meet you. How are you doing?

Nhung Nguyễn : I’m doing good. Thank you. Things are getting musicaly marvelous for me.

Jumbly: So, whats your back story?

Nhung My musical journey started in 2002 when I began taking private classical piano lessons. The training ended in 2007 and since then I have been developing my own techniques and focusing on composition and improvisation.
In 2011 I started my solo musical project - Sound Awakener but no material was released until 2014. My aim is to live with the sonic journey as close as possible. It has always been a natural process.

Jumbly: Where are you from?

Nhung : I was born and now living in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Jumbly: Do you find it influences your style and your music much?

Nhung : Obviously it does. The city is full of thousands types of sounds. That’s why I use a lot of field recordings from everyday life in my music. To be more specific, in “Five Chapters”, there are field recordings from streets and restaurants.

Jumbly: Who makes your album art?

Nhung : Right now my album artworks are stock photos and each of them connects strongly to my music. I hope in the future I’ll invite someone to work with me on that aspect.

Jumbly: What way do you think is best to enjoy your music?

Nhung : The best way is to enjoy with an empty mind.

Jumbly: What would you say is your favorite thing you've done?

Nhung : Interesting question. My favortie thing I’ve done is the thing I do everyday – appreciating and collecting sounds.

Jumbly: Do you like giving away your music for free? Do you hope to continue or would you rather move to a pay system?

Nhung : I like giving it for free when I feel I need to do that. I have some for free on my Bandcamp page and actually “Five Chapters” is free too. But I also have some paid ones  – honestly I need to support myself financially.

Jumbly: If anyone wanted to do a collaboration with you, would you be interested?

Nhung : I’m always open to collaboration.

Jumbly: How should they get in touch with you?

Nhung : The best way is to fill out the contact form on my website (http://soundawakener.weebly.com/contact.html) or the contact form on my Bandcamp page (soundawakener.bandcamp.com)

Jumbly: What kinds of projects do you really want to do in the future?

Nhung : I really want to focus on making music for moving images and installations. Of course other forms still interest me.

Jumbly: Do you follow the blog? What would you like to see more of? Or any suggestions?

Nhung : I’ve been following the blog since June and I much enjoy the content. One thing I would like to see is more interviews of artists

Jumbly: Do you know any other great sites that people should check out?

Nhung : Haha, this is self – promotion : I have a pretty private music blog called Cánh đồng âm nhạc (Vietnamese, which means “Field of music” in English) (http://canhdongamnhac.weebly.com/ ). The reason I write it in Vietnamese is that there are few music blogs here, especially for genres like ambient/experimental or even classical music.

Jumbly: Thanks for sharing your music with me.
I have one last question. What is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?

Nhung : The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen hmmm is maybe the calm sea in Đà Nẵng (it is a city in the central of Vietnam, which I’ve visited twice) Thank you so much for the great talk! 

Here are some other places that she shared with me to check out
Facebook page

Alright, enjoy it.


Volcanoes - Future Sorority Girls of America

Band / Artist: Volcanoes
Year: 2014
Genre: Punk, Thrash Metal, Noise Rock, Dance Rock

My Review:
Afternoon Records is their label. They live in St Louis. They erupt music. Punny punny punk.

Okay so they make a fest, thrashy, gritty sound that makes me imagine that their shows have a lot of moshing or jumping around. The use of synth is great, because it's more grimy than I'd expect.

I found their band site here.

And I got their facebook here.

I'm out. enjoy some punk.

Volcanoes - Future Sorority Girls of America


Allister Thompson - Infinities


Band / Artist: Allister Thompson
Year: 1999 - 2011
Genre: Neo-Folk, Dark Psychedelic

My Review:
An album, as soft as the fog rolling in over the countryside. I feel like its hard to describe without some off the cuff visual descriptions.

Theres a hilly area, with the fog rolling in, over a peat bog. the voices and guitar seem to echo in from a forest farther away than the sound could travel. Small, alien lights and shapes dance about through the fog, at the edges of your sights. You sit amidst this, and feel emotionally pulled by the experience around you.

Infinities is an album of psychedelic folk music first released in 2006. It is comprised of bedroom recordings Allister made from 1999-2001, remastered. The initial release was praised by Terrascope Online: “Featuring some delicately poised vocal overdubs and just the right amount of instrumental ornamentation, the album seems to flow like a river, gently caressing your soul as it talks of the joys and tears of existence, and our place in the universe, the lyrics dealing with melancholy in a sympathetic and beautiful way.”

Influences on the recording were early seventies British singer songwriters like Nick Drake and John Martyn, psychedelic influences like Pink Floyd and the Incredible String Band, Krautrock and and ambient music. The 2014 edition has three bonus tracks, “Somewhere New”, “The Bomber’s Song” and “Spring Hill Fair (for Grant Mclennan)”.

Allister Thompson now makes music as The Gateless Gate and writes the music review blog Make Your Own Taste
Alright, well this one has been on rotation on my car a TON recently, so I'll just say go listen, and if you don't want to, then you suck.

Allister Thompson - Infinities


Bitbasic - Leonard

Band / Artist: Bitbasic
Year: 2009
Genre: IDM, Electronica, Shoegaze, Ambient Techno

My Review:
He brought you Meek, and I liked it, so I'll just pretend that you did too.

This one has some similarities, and keeps his sense of style, but is an obviously different approach to making an album. He made the whole thing in one month. ONE. I'm very impressed. Its so polished, and has so many good parts. I like to think of it as easy listening for the weirdos and people who get bored by easy listening.

I hope you get a kick out of this one. Bitbasic is London-based electronica artist Simon Haycock. I'm hoping that one day I get to chat with this fellow.


Bitbasic - Leonard


Youniverse - Dirty American

Band / Artist: Youniverse
Year: 2010
Genre: Indie Rock, Alt Rock

My Review:
I have held off on this album mostly due to forgetfulness, but this is actually the album that started me down the path of sharing free music I had been finding. They are great. In 2010, I was out at a bar in Memphis TN with my girlfriend of the time, and heard that a band was about to play, and that their guitarist was turning 18 that day. I figured, hell, why not?

They had a good sound, which the bar did not showcase well. They told me afterward that they were using bandcamp to share their first album. I had never heard of bandcamp before, so I checked it out, and since then, it has become a mainstay of the indie music world.

Here is the facebook page they have going, but nobody has posted on it since 2012.

Hopefully they come back around one day.

Youniverse - Dirty American