Waves - The Sounds Around Him

Band / Artist: Waves
Year: 2013
Genre: Ambient, Synth Pop, Ambient Techno, Soundscape

My Review:
I got an email during some dead time that I had been thinking about the perfect time to share.

You posted some of my music before and I really appreciated it!  I have recently posted a new album.  Take a look if you are interested.

Seems like this is a pretty great time. Waves was one of the first artists to send me anything for Jumbly, and has my full support as an artist. I enjoy the ambient, soundscape qualities of the first album, and the new one does not disappoint either. It shows his growth.

The best descriptions I could give, is that this has a droning, looping, warped quality that incorporates out of the ordinary sampling in order to make something that builds on the beats and melodies. I'm looking out to see what other music will be coming along from Waves, because it sure does feel right to have on a calm morning like today.

Waves - The Sounds Around Him


KidSyc - Willy Lynch Noah's Ark

Band / Artist: KidSyc
Year: 2013
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop

My Review:
I have a buddy I went to college with, who has been running around the Savannah music scene since 2005. He makes some pretty kickass hiphop, and I have been meaning to get with him and share his stuff for a while now. Ever since I moved from Savannah, he has been cranking the hell out of music.

Check out the hiphop. Its smooth, vibrant stuff, that doesn't focus on being some kind of constant badass or some sort of kingpin of crime. He has more chill lyrics, that often feel a little more grounded and pleasant to me.

Alright, check him out.

KidSyc - Willy Lynch Noah's Ark


Quickie Mart - Gypsyphonic Disko with Ben Ellman

Band / Artist: Quickie Mart
Year: 2009
Genre: Balkan, Bounce, Hip-Hop, Mashup, Bastard Pop

 My Review:
I've been listening to stuff from quickie mart for a while now, and some other monikers of his. I first caught him in an interview where he was dissecting bounce, its influences, and its role in the future of music, for good or for ill.

He seems like a smart guy, and its interesting that his music of choice be bounce, which I can completely understand, because of what bounce is and represents. It's gritty, shitty, and it doesn't really care. Anyways, here's a comp album of mixtapes I guess, of some hip-hop, some bounce, some rap, and Balkan beats & gypsy music. It's dancey, raunchy, and just fun all the way through.

My mom even danced to it (not like that, sicko.) While we were cooking for thanksgiving meal.

So yeah, take that.

Quickie Mart - Gypsyphonic Disko with Ben Ellman


_yi. - OTNJ_B

Band / Artist: _yi
Genre: Microhouse, Glitch

 My Review:
This stuff is always so interesting to listen to. Its in the same vein as Akufen or  , with wildly glitchy beats bouncing all over the place. This one is great, because it builds itself up to wonderous grooves and melodies, made from chipped-apart songs all over the net.

i make music and sound for media, but mostly, for fun.
"A blend of JPOP, electro house, jazz, clicks 'n' cuts and others."
glitch pop / electro house / acid jazz
Yiannis Ioannides is the musician that makes it all. It sure is wonderful. He has his own site too, here.
electronic acid jazz cut up electro house glitch pop house jazz fusion jpop sampling

_yi. - OTNJ_B