Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I

Band/Artist: Nine Inch Nails
Year: 2008
Genre: Score, Industrial, Ambient, Instrumental
My Review:
I'm pretty much sure that anyone who would be stopping by my site would have already had this release, but just to be sure, I figure I'll share.

About a year before the time that "The Slip" was released, Trent Reznor had gone somewhat silent while in the studio on an experiment with some collaborators. What came out of that experiment was this boxed set. It was just around the time of the "pay-as-you-will" experiments from radiohead and so forth, and long before Reznor went crawling back to the big record labels instead of really doing something revolutionary.
This is the first disk out of a set of 3 disks, so if you love it, spend the 5 dollars to get the full set. There is artwork that comes with the pack, and you aren't really being mislead, the free download is a good quality one.
This album is a gigantic step away from the rest of the Nine Inch Nails discography or radio hits. There are no lyrics except for humming or singing at any point during the full 3 CD set. They are all built like the scores to some non-existant film, and range in emotion and composition from rage filled industrial rock, to ambient pieces that sound nearly meditative.