(The other Yarn) Yarn - Live at The Willow Tree Coffee House and Music Room (February 8, 2014)

Band / Artist: Yarn
Year: 2014
Genre: Indie Folk, Indie Alternative, Live

My Review:
I decided, fuck it. If I'm gonna search through all this music to find info on one Yarn, may as well go ahead with the other as well. And it was very much enjoyable.

here is a writeup in them
Brooklyn-based Americana/Alt-Rock band Yarns sound owes as much to Gram Parsons and Earl Scruggs as to Jerry Garcia and Exile On Main Street-era Rolling Stones. Following in a fine tradition that includes forward thinking roots bands like The Flying Burrito Brothers and New Riders of The Purple Sage, Yarn weaves roots music idioms into a fresh sound that turns on hipsters and fans of country music alike, with technically impressive song-crafting and universal tales from the road of life.
What I'd say, they have a pleasant "Grateful Dead meets Iron & Wine" kind of thing going on that I was really grooving to. I've been hoping to pick up more stuff that would fit within this point of my life. Alright, more music on the way soon.

Yarn - Live at The Willow Tree Coffee House and Music Room (February 8, 2014)

Yarn - Inner Expedition

Band / Artist: Yarn
Year: 2013
Genre: Ambient Psy, Psytrance, Ambient Techno

My Review:
A good little Chillout album that made me think of ambient psytrance. I used this for a relax album for my whole Christmas vacation, and for my plane trip to and from DC recently (great time).

The musicians are a producer duo from Budapest that have been making music since I'm not sure quite when. Apparently there is another band named yarn, so I can't get info from this version without some serious work.

I'm inspired by this album to work on a little project that I believe you might enjoy in the near future. I'll let you know about it when there is time to get it finished, but rest assured that it'll be a good one.

Yarn - Inner Expedition


Old Splendifolia - Utterly Heartbreaking (EP version)


Year: 2013
Genre: Acoustic, Indie Folk

My Review:
Despite the name, I can't say anything about this was utterly heartbreaking. It was calm, and maybe a little sad, but I was pleased. This band is a set of musicians under the La bèl netlabel. They are trying to grow and hope for support to build up a larger presence. I figure I'll give a shout out to them, because anything that brings more vibrance to the music scene is good in my book.

Here's the band describing the album.
During live sessions in the summer house, the woods of Brandenburg and the homes of friendly musicians delicate pieces evolved, capturing random environmental noises and exceptional interaction of the artists. 

The chamber music-ish pieces flow moment to moment painting scenes with tones. The Song Poems seek their fortune through poetic views of the world, leap to the Earth's perishable inhabitants' defense, for whom the consistent rational explanations for a world so compelling in its richness, in its confusion, in its complexities impregnable from comprehension give little satisfaction. So, let's cast light on the many small details, sense-nourishing observations, confusion, the fear that tears me, which overwhelmed you as well, and on the comfort that She granted you, so you now could come to my aid. Enter with the ears and not only with the latter, into the micro-extracts from rich litera- and orature, elocuted by the inner desire to keep the amazement and the breath of life, to light the inner warmth, which beards the global one, with filigree vehemence.


So, yeah. Enjoy.

Old Splendifolia - Utterly Heartbreaking (EP version)


Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip - The Abstract & The Dragon

Year: 2013
Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap

My Review:
There are a ton of reviewers who already gave this their breakdown, so I'm gonna keep this simple.

Fresh stuff from Busta. He's still out there making work, and now he's working with Q-tip on this new mixtape. Good Shit.

Just like you'd expect, this isn't exactly the same as his old stuff,  but it is a mixtape, so its retro as fuck in some parts, even racing back to the very early style before the end. Busta Rhymes and Q-tip finally got together and made some shit happen. It was really good to hear them back on the scene.

Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip - The Abstract & The Dragon


Post schedule

Personal things are going to be getting in the way of my yearly Vday mixtapes, so I'm going to wiggle the schedule of other posts for a bit. Thanks for the patience, and I hope that all of you who celebrate it have a wonderful time with your significant other.

Keep it real.


Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I

Band/Artist: Nine Inch Nails
Year: 2008
Genre: Score, Industrial, Ambient, Instrumental
My Review:
I'm pretty much sure that anyone who would be stopping by my site would have already had this release, but just to be sure, I figure I'll share.

About a year before the time that "The Slip" was released, Trent Reznor had gone somewhat silent while in the studio on an experiment with some collaborators. What came out of that experiment was this boxed set. It was just around the time of the "pay-as-you-will" experiments from radiohead and so forth, and long before Reznor went crawling back to the big record labels instead of really doing something revolutionary.
This is the first disk out of a set of 3 disks, so if you love it, spend the 5 dollars to get the full set. There is artwork that comes with the pack, and you aren't really being mislead, the free download is a good quality one.
This album is a gigantic step away from the rest of the Nine Inch Nails discography or radio hits. There are no lyrics except for humming or singing at any point during the full 3 CD set. They are all built like the scores to some non-existant film, and range in emotion and composition from rage filled industrial rock, to ambient pieces that sound nearly meditative.