Eddie Condon & His Orchestra - 30 Selected Works

Band / Artist: Eddie Condon & His Orchestra
Year: 1929-1944
Genre: Big Band, Jazz, Ragtime

My Review:
I shared a single recording from Eddie Condon a while back, and it was too dancey for me to pass up sharing more. 1930's Big Band Jazz really is some of the best jazz.

There are a ton of reasons I love old jazz, especially living in New Orleans, but I'd definitely say that it isn't hurting me that the music has all come into the public domain now. The downside with it is that you don't really have tracks numbered into an album, because often enough, it is a compendium of restored and digitized records. A lot of my friends have talked about how impressive this style of music is, and when they have such varied tastes, I'd say that means something.