INFECT - Chemical Threats (Phase I)

Band / Artist: INFECT
Year: 2007
Genre: Rap Rock, Hip-Hop, Horrorcore

My Review:
So I'm sure most out there remember the late 90's & early 2000's when there was that huge NuMetal and Rap Rock upsurge. Suddenly there was Limp Bizkit and Korn, and then that just seemed to keep growing.

Well that genre set split into two different things over time. On one side, the NuMetal genre became more and more experimented with and adapted, becoming some legitimate types of metal, some kinds of popular math rock, and a lot of other stuff. On the other side, Rap Rock kind of stayed around but dwindled off, with a couple small offshoot experiments, but one thing did rise out and become a cult following. Horrorcore.

Horrorcore is made in the harder, more aggressive end of the rap scene, and is supposed to just be gross and aggressive and unsettling, like good horror. Some of it is okay, but I usually dont much enjoy it.

This album though, I was enjoying. It reminds me of Methods of Mayhem (the first album, that second one really isn't worth listening to), but it needs a little more aggression and percussion sets to reach there. Some of the track topics are pretty good points of discussion, where some others are a bit annoying to me.

Either way, this album is an interesting, aggressive rap album with some nice usage of metal guitar at the beginning. Enjoy

INFECT - Chemical Threats (Phase I)