The Hippie & The Punk - The Hippie & The Punk Split

Band / Artist: The Hippie & The Punk
Year: 2013
Genre: Acoustic, Indie Folk, Folk Punk

My Review:
There is a guy named Phoenix. At this moment, he is on his way, hitchiking from Savannah, GA, to Montana. Funnily enough, there were plenty of times where he and I argued for hours, and there were plenty of days where I grumbled about how he can't manage to PUT HIS DAMNED DISHES IN THE DISHWASHER AND STOP TALKING ABOUT JOHNNY FLYNN.

Either way, I've been remembering that house, and all the brotherhood I had with the 4 other guys there. We called it the Jam House, and I even made a Tumblr account for it, that never really went anywhere aside from looking kinda pretty. We all worked on art & music, and would generally drink beer, smoke cigarettes, and make music or play video games most every night. I'm sad that we all had to move on from that point in our lives.

He and a friend Josh are both traveling, and recording together under the name The Hippie and The Punk. They released this album right before they started off on their trip, and started up this Tumblr account to chronicle their events.

They both have very different styles in the same genre, and it feels like the tracks play off each other in a pretty nice way. Here is a live recording of one of the tracks.

Well, there you go. A great free album of acoustic, down to earth music from a couple of lost 20 somethings with bitterness and hope bubbling over in their hearts, and an idealism enough to make my heart ache to be back in the place where they are.

Phoenix, I love you man. Be safe out there looking for whatever you need.

The Hippie & The Punk Split