Morbo & Mambo - Morbo Y Mambo

Band / Artist: Morbo & Mambo
Year: 2011
Genre: Jam band, Afrobeat, Mambo, Psychedelic Rock, Funk, Brass Band

My Review:
This band REALLY needs to play at Jazz fest in New Orleans. They would make money hand over fist there. The mix of Prog/Psychedelic Rock and Brass band moments with the layers of Dub over top makes for a really great atmosphere, and as long as the band can deliver their vibe in a live showing, they'd be amazing.

So they are a 6-man band out of Buenos Aires, who call themselves "Stoner Afrobeat", and thats mostly what I can make out, since I'm piss-poor at Spanish. I tried to translate their info from their facebook here...


..... and I got this as my translation.

Seven heads are smoldering combustion entering the play live and leave the audience elated, having danced and floated by its sound universe. Bitchy and Mambo, marplatenses band based in San Telmo, can be defined with two phrases: "the dancing bodies, minds work better" and "against gender and pro-groove". Playing together since 2007 and in its short but intense way and circulated by the most important stages of the Buenos Aires underground with young bands like Journey to the Cosmos Prietto Mariano, Mompox and Dietrich, among others.

Since 2009 enjoy a strong relationship with bands from Brazil, received in Buenos Aires to Do Amor (Cê Band musicians Caetano Veloso) and Lucas Santtana (Tropicália 2). The bond between C Love Mambo Kinky and resulted in a seven shows for Brazil in early 2011, they passed through Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Sao Paulo, where he shared the stage with Curumin. During the tour had great press coverage, recorded a video for MTV Brazil, and established close ties with the cultural and social group Fora do Eixo in view of future collaborations and tours.

So far the EP's lead edited and Handleness Das Papier independently, and are presenting their debut LP, titled, recorded live at the legendary ION Studios. They were part of the line up of the 10th TMDG, the largest design event in Latin America. They were chosen by The Police killed a motorized to play in the first edition of Rolling Stone Live festival, organized by the Argentina edition of the magazine, and Bitchy Mambo defined as "owners of one of the most powerful performances of the scene current emerging, based on a great musical knowledge to create a soundscape where there is much room for improvisation flight, but executed with surgical precision "

Very little in the way of vocals, but this would be great in a dance mix. It has a sound that makes me think that the players can all vibe together really well.

Morbo & Mambo - Morbo Y Mambo


Movies - Andrei Tarkovsky films

Artist:  Andrei Tarkovsky
Years: 1956 - 1983
Genre: Film

My Review:

This will be a little different than my normal posts. This is all about film. Andrei Tarkovsky is known as the Einstein of Russian film. He makes films that are often pretty surreal, and they usually take a bit of coffee/beer conversation afterward.

They might not be your thing, but the directory of free movies listed has tons of others, and there will have to be something in there you might enjoy.

Here is the list of films available through the organization. CC can give you the subtitles.

9 Andrei Tarkovsky films


AAAHHCHESTRA - Braaahhlitz Compilation

Year: 2013
Genre: Folk Pop, Indie Rock, Soft Rock

My Review:
One of those albums that could be noise, or bad spoken word, or some amazingly good acoustic pieces. You hold your breath, turn it on, and... its good!

AAAHHCHESTRA is a group project from AAAHH Records. Their link is right here.

This has a lot of elements of older music, and a deep reaching sort of heartfelt sound throughout pretty much all the songs. The uses of flute, whistling, tambourine, light synth, horns, and both male and female vocalists help the guitars and drums really flesh out great. The last track is pretty bleh, but it is meant to be silly anyhow.

AAAHHCHESTRA - Braaahhlitz Compilation


LIL KIDS - Slow Rainbow

Band / Artist:
Year: 2012
Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Soul-RnB, Bastard Pop, Alternative Hip-Hop, ?

My Review:
This is some odd, bastardy, nerdy, sarcastic alternative hiphop that came from Williamsburg, Virginia. The beatmaker goes by Lopato, and the MC, I never saw a specific name for. They've known each other since Middle school.

Its all kinds of easy listening, old funk, psychedelic rock, and old school hiphop blended into beats with a very "Laissez les bon temps roulez" sort of sound on one side, and a gritty, drunken, Don't-give-a-fuck sound on the other. The music isn't much about the self promotion, and it makes the MC look like a nerdyjerk, but in all the ways that your one total jerkface friend is fun to hang around.

If I could describe this music visually, it'd be like smeared, drippy, melty, moldy, rainbow sherbert colors with bits of dirt and glitter in it. Under a blacklight. The video does an alright job of describing it.

Apparently they have since moved to Brooklyn, where the MC complains about getting fat. I can't think of another hiphop set that sounds close enough to reference this, so watch the video, and if you like the music, you should give it a chance.

LIL KIDS - Slow Rainbow


Psilodump - Memory Loss

Band / Artist: Psilodump
Year: 2004
Genre: Chiptune

My Review:
I posted a track from this on the valentines day mixes. Of all of the chiptune albums I've listened to over the years, this is the one that I am always most likely to listen to again.

Psilodump has been really prolific for years. He's always making something. I know he also was under the pseudonym of Pushiro, and may have worked as Morphyk as well. He was running the X-dump label, a powerhouse of different chiptune acts. When that fell apart, I'll admit, my attention to the genre waned for quite a few years. I was happy to stumble back into the genre again recently, and I felt compelled to find this and share it.

Here's a strange note that went along with the album. I have no idea what it means.
Now, some things are better left unspoken. But that is beside the point. Yet, the point is not the issue here. The issue is omitted and the reason forgotten. Memories may become corrupted but beauty remains. Still, that is no excuse for acting blind ... or maybe it is ... what you have lost might not just be your memory.
Fuck if I know what he's trying to say. Nevertheless, this is still probably my top choice for exclusively chiptune albums out there, and you really should give it a try. Enjoy the album.

Psilodump - Memory Loss


Rabbit Hole Revelations - Songs for Broken Ears

Band / Artist:

Year: 2013
Genre: Folktronic, Trip Hop, Ambient Techno

My Review:
I got this email earlier in the week. Some good submissions from a pretty nice guy, making music and going to college in San Francisco. Here is his interview.

Jumbly Music: It's nice to meet you. How are you doing?

Rabbit Hole Revelations: I'm doing pretty swell. I was supposed to fly into San Francisco today but there was a huge plane crash! At first it was thought that everyone on board was okay but now I'm hearing that there have been two deaths. Either way, my thoughts go out to those involved.

Jumbly: A heart of gold in you sir. So, whats your back story?

RHR: My back story! I feel like a superhero, haha...I've had a pretty normal upbringing. I've lived most of my life in southern California but recently moved to the northern Cali which has been a blessing for my life and music. The scene up here is awesome, so much great stuff coming out of these parts. I've spent a lot of time in the past few years going to school, making music, involving myself in activism, living in communes and hitchhiking around the state. Not much to complain about.

Jumbly: That commune living always seems like it could be an interesting thing to try, as long as it doesn't start getting creepy. Where are you from?

RHR: All over. I was originally born in Paraguay, South America and moved to San Diego, California when I was 7 years old. A few years ago I decided to make San Francisco my home.

Jumbly: Do you find it influences your style and your music much?

RHR: My move to San Francisco seems to have made my music take a turn for the darker. The city is a cold, gritty animal!

Who makes your album art?

RHR: I'm blessed to have a lot of great artists around me who are always willing to draw something up for me. My brother made the cover for LP and my friend Resham did for Songs For Broken Ears. They're both ridiculously good artists.

Jumbly: The art does fit with the music pretty well. Do you tour much? Ever doing a tour through the US?

RHR: I've played a few shows here and there but I'm broke as fuck, so I'm currently trying to acquire decent enough equipment to be able to produce a more visual and interactive live show. A tour would be amazing but being a university student leaves little time to even compose music sometimes.

Jumbly: I know plenty of people who have just made up the cash to do a short trip via car and couchsurfing. One group even picked up teeshirts from thrift stores on the road and screen printed them to sell before shows. Maybe you could try it that way.

What way do you think is best to enjoy your music? Would you consider it good date music, driving music, chillout music, etc?

RHR: People have told me it is good music to do drugs to, haha. My friend says she was saved from a bad trip by listening to one of my songs. I think it suits late-night driving through a big, lit-up city.

Jumbly: What would you say is your favorite thing you've done? What is you biggest failure, or least enjoyable thing you've done?

RHR: I love working with new musicians I meet online, especially on /mu/. The last thing I did was a song was a track called Lwaxana with this awesome female artist A Problem Like Maria. You can listen to that shit here: https://soundcloud.com/aplmaria/a-problem-like-maria-lwaxana.

All of the music I've made has been enjoyable, but my least favorite thing that still embarrasses me to this day is my first demo, Music for Psychonauts, which you can probably find if you dig around online.

Jumbly: I found it on LastFM. I can see your point of view, but I didn't hate it.
Do you like giving away your music for free? Do you hope to continue or would you rather move to a pay system?

Yes! I hate the idea of money and think all art should be freely available to everyone, regardless of what they can pay for it. I've found that if people can pay, they usually will. The pay-what-you-want is the new system of how music will be distributed. Record labels are dead!

Do you have any sounds/ bands/ or pieces of art that you admire or try to emulate with your music?

RHR: I love the chill, sultry experimental electronic music that has been making the rounds in the past few years. Stuff like Shlohmo, Lapalux, Teebs, Giraffage. Those cats are rad!

Jumbly: If anyone wanted to do a collaboration with you, would you be interested?

RHR: I'm always down to try something out, so yeah if anyone wants to collab hit me up!

Jumbly: How should they get in touch with you?

RHR: Rabbitholerevelations@gmail.com, or through Soundcloud or Facebook.

Jumbly: What kinds of projects do you really want to do in the future?

RHR: I want to start working with more rappers and singers. Most of the music I've made has been instrumental and getting lyrics adds a whole 'nother element to music that can completely change it.

Jumbly: Are there any bands that you're into currently? What do you think they did right, or should change in their follow-up? I love to hear real critiques from artists about other peoples work.

RHR: I really dig XXYYXX, I think he's one of the most interesting faces in music in the past few years, and he's only 17! The kid's really good at combining types of electronic music (hip-hop, garage, post-dubstep) and making something fresh out of them. His internet buzz alone made him blow up all around the world. I hope he doesn't let it get to him though and his follow-up is as good as his self-titled.

Jumbly: Do you follow the blog? What would you like to see more of? Or any suggestions?

RHR: Yes! I follow most of the bloggers on /mu/. I've found some great stuff on Jumbly Music that most people would never blog about. The only thing I would want is more updates, haha.

I know, I wish that I could update more often as well. Since work picked up I've been a lot more busy, but I am hoping for a day where I can get enough traffic to justify working on it a lot closer to a part time job.
Do you know any other great sites that people should check out? What about any other bands?

RHR: Any music producers should check out the subreddit We Are the Music Makers (http://www.reddit.com/r/WeAreTheMusicMakers/). This is a great online source with a lot of information on making music. I would also like to give some shout-outs to the homies A Problem Like Maria, Blank Banshee, Electric Sea Spider, Insomniacs, AbnormAL. Catch them before they get huge!

Jumbly: Thanks a bunch for sharing your music with me.

I have one last question. Do you think that there are supernatural things out there? Do you think that music could be supernatural?

I don't necessarily believe or disbelieve in the supernatural, I think things like that we just can't know for sure. I've been interested in the topic since I was very young but have never had any experiences myself. Music can be anything you want it to be! So yes, it can definitely be supernatural.

So he doesn't lie. The album is a good, quirky chillout album. Its worth looking at his collection of work. Hopefully he keeps working and can get some good tours going on, because I'd love to help get him some shows here in New Orleans.

Rabbit Hole Revelations - Songs for Broken Ears

Also I'm sharing his earlier album, LP. You can hear how he's grown from one release to the next.

Rabbit Hole Revelations - LP


The Hippie & The Punk - The Hippie & The Punk Split

Band / Artist: The Hippie & The Punk
Year: 2013
Genre: Acoustic, Indie Folk, Folk Punk

My Review:
There is a guy named Phoenix. At this moment, he is on his way, hitchiking from Savannah, GA, to Montana. Funnily enough, there were plenty of times where he and I argued for hours, and there were plenty of days where I grumbled about how he can't manage to PUT HIS DAMNED DISHES IN THE DISHWASHER AND STOP TALKING ABOUT JOHNNY FLYNN.

Either way, I've been remembering that house, and all the brotherhood I had with the 4 other guys there. We called it the Jam House, and I even made a Tumblr account for it, that never really went anywhere aside from looking kinda pretty. We all worked on art & music, and would generally drink beer, smoke cigarettes, and make music or play video games most every night. I'm sad that we all had to move on from that point in our lives.

He and a friend Josh are both traveling, and recording together under the name The Hippie and The Punk. They released this album right before they started off on their trip, and started up this Tumblr account to chronicle their events.

They both have very different styles in the same genre, and it feels like the tracks play off each other in a pretty nice way. Here is a live recording of one of the tracks.

Well, there you go. A great free album of acoustic, down to earth music from a couple of lost 20 somethings with bitterness and hope bubbling over in their hearts, and an idealism enough to make my heart ache to be back in the place where they are.

Phoenix, I love you man. Be safe out there looking for whatever you need.

The Hippie & The Punk Split


Low Leaf - GiGA GAiA EP

Band / Artist: Low Leaf
Year: 2012
Genre: Harpist, Alternative Pop, RnB, Nu Disco, Alternative Hip-Hop

My Review:

If the last Low leaf album I showcased was like an acoustic little dragon, this would be her taking another step toward their sound. I guess that since this came before, then the last one would be her taking a step away into a direction more her own. Here is her website.


Don't get me wrong. This isn't an unoriginal work that just rips off someone else, nor does it seem that is her goal. She builds up a funky rhythm all her own, that comes off with the same weirdo groove of Beck, painting with a palette more like contemporary Hip-hop/Pop/RnB/Techno. Its thick and dripping of sounds like Missy Elliot, Squarepusher, Peaches, The Presets, MIA, Mouse On Mars.. I could keep this list going. Frankly, I'm really enjoying the way this album plays. The waves of awesome and weird lap in their own times.

Low Leaf - GiGA GAiA EP